A land down under or New York, New York? easyJet tailors travel recommendations based on Spotify playlists

Swapping cookies for musical moods, playlists will be used to power recommendations, with experiences and local gigs also suggested to holidaymakers.

Budget airline easyJet has teamed up with Spotify to launch a microsite with personalised holiday recommendations based on users’ listening habits.

Inspired by jetsetters’ craving for wanderlust, ‘Listen & Book’ was created to demonstrate how influential music taste can be for travel, what it can reveal about a person’s holiday preferences, and to help them discover a new personalised travel experience. 

In a first-in-market collaboration with Spotify’s unique streaming intelligence, Spotify is making it possible for people to discover their holiday mood based on their listening playlists,   and get matched to tailored travel experiences across Europe. 

For example, if a users’ music taste is calm, warm and dreamy they would be invited to explore the botanical gardens in Lisbon or visit a relaxing sauna in Helsinki. 

The tailored travel experience will recommend specific destinations by pairing consumers’ playlists on the music app with ‘holiday moods’.

Song attributes like tempo, energy and positivity will be analysed to determine these ‘moods’ created by Spotify and EasyJe

Richard Frankel, Global Creative Director at Spotify, said: “This creative collaboration shows what’s possible with streaming audio. Listeners engage with Spotify to experience inspiration and discovery, and our focus on personalisation enables brands to cultivate meaningful interactive connections with their audiences. Listen & Book is a great example of how brands can tap into a consumer’s mindset and engage with them in innovative and useful ways that drive real outcomes.”

How it works 

Next to recommending specific destinations and experiences, people will also be shown nearby music venues in their suggested destination to connect them to local music gigs.  

To ‘Listen & Book’, music lovers can connect their Spotify account via a dedicated Listen & Book microsite which will identify holiday vibes based on recent music played and recommend hotspots and experiences on easyJet’s network across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. This links directly to the easyJet website for customers to book their next audibly-inspired getaway. 

‘Listen & Book’ will be supported by marketing campaigns developed by VCCP London and will run in France, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

David Masterman, Deputy Executive Creative Director at VCCP says: “The only thing people love as much as travel is music, so we're really pleased that this tech uses one to help the other. Discover the places your Spotify listening history suggests you'd love to visit.”

Richard Sherwood, Customer and Marketing Director at easyJet, added: “Listen & Book will help our customers discover new destinations across our European network, using Spotify’s innovative technology to enhance our customer search and booking experience.”

‘Listen & Book’ is the latest chapter in the ‘nextGen easyJet’ brand platform launched earlier this year.