Facebook gets into the delivery business with Doordash partnership

No more home collections as Meta takes aim at the likes of Amazon and Postmates, as it looks to win back younger users in one area TikTok can’t reach.

Facebook’s parent company Meta is partnering with DoorDash to deliver Marketplace items located up to 15 miles away.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, DoorDash will only deliver items that are small enough to fit in the boot of a car, and drivers are expected to make deliveries within 48 hours. 

Currently, Facebook Marketplace’s existing local delivery options only let customers get larger items delivered through a service called Dolly. 

The service is limited to a little over two dozen cities throughout the US, and lets people connect with one or two local “helpers” that will load bulky items.

Meta also lets Marketplace sellers ship items directly to a buyer’s address.

DoorDash could help spur demand among younger users

The new DoorDash feature is currently free but it’s not clear how Facebook and DoorDash would charge customers later on.

The companies have been testing the offering in multiple US cities in recent months.

Meta has learned that Marketplace is one of the few Facebook features young people use when they're not jumping to TikTok. DoorDash could help spur demand, particularly among younger users.

For DoorDash, the alliance could help reduce its dependence on restaurant orders. 

The company has already been delivering groceries and convenience store essentials for years. This would give DoorDash a steadier stream of income, and might help it compete with Uber Eats' nationwide shipping service.