How to improve your online influence using psychology

Good adverts grab our attention – great ones, our trust. Chartered psychologist Alan Gray at Tailify offers key tips on how the best influencers go beyond mere exposure to establish deep, meaningful connections with their followers.

In this PMW Masterclass series, learn how influencer performance depends on the same mechanisms of relationship development identified by behavioural science, and how this work can help in influencer selection and strategy. 

By analysing content using behavioural science, you’ll not only walk away with practical advice but a fresh perspective with which to analyse your future campaigns.

Your tutor: Alan Gray MSc (Oxon) CPsychol, Senior Research Psychologist at Tailify

View a short introduction from Alan below:

Watch the modules here:

Lesson 1: Look them in the eye

Lesson 2: Showing your better half

Lesson 3: Keep it simple

Lesson 4: It's all about connection

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