5 reasons Google Shopping doesn’t work for some retailers

Google is investing more in shopping and it remains a key discovery platform for retailers. Liam Patterson at Bidnamic unlocks the secrets to turning browsers into buyers on this high-profile platform.

Why do some lower bids get higher rankings on Google Shopping? What are the key factors to drive up visibility to shoppers? How can you beat competitors to that lucrative top spot?

This PMW Masterclass reveals the algorithms behind Google Shopping and how to optimise for the latest changes on the platform. 

Your Tutor: Liam Patterson, CEO and Co-Founder, Bidnamic

View a short introduction from Liam below:

Watch the modules here:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Google Shopping

Lesson 2: Search volume

Lesson 3: Price competitiveness

Lesson 4: Average order value

Lesson 5: Site speed

Lesson 6: Purchase intent 

7: Key takeaways