Gaming privacy levels up with FACEIT and InfoSum

The data collaboration partnership preserves control of first-party data while avoiding any leaks or sharing, for one of the most in-demand demographics.

FACEIT, the esports gaming platform with over 26 million players worldwide, has partnered with data collaboration platform InfoSum. 

Clients and partners can now leverage their first-party data to reach FACEIT’s users with in-platform ads, while maintaining full control of their own first-party data without having to risk data leakage or data sharing.  

FACEIT’s global gaming audience is primarily Gen Z and millenials – the most sought-after demographics for advertisers – and global CS:GO and DOTA 2 tournaments provide opportunities for brands to further their reach.

Dunstan Rickard, Advertising Sales Director at FACEIT commented: “We’re fiercely protective of our users and to them, honesty and transparency are non-negotiable. We wanted a solution to the problem of the industry moving away from third-party cookies and data sharing and the changing ways advertisers can legitimately target users. 

“Marketers still have very clear targeting objectives and will always chase the greatest efficiencies. This partnership with InfoSum provides an honest solution that maintains data integrity. Players can rest assured their data is as secure as ever, but enjoy the transformative benefits of a tailored, relevant user experience in an ever-growing esports environment – with targeted sponsorships, influencer marketing and video advertising – that doesn’t compromise on control for the player.”

“Esports is a fascinating and rapidly growing industry with a ton of first-party data about a very unique target group,” said Nick Henthorn, Senior Director, Sales at InfoSum. 

“The FACEIT/InfoSum partnership is evidence of how industry best practices can be implemented from the start of the collaboration journey and paves the way for more brands and partners to properly protect users and avoid data exploitation in the gaming industry. FACEIT is evolving its advertising approach with precision and care.”