Top 10 skills for marketing professionals have changed by 50%

SEO soars and PR plummets: LinkedIn’s new data reveals how the ‘resourceful modern marketer’ has changed since 2015, and what marketing skills are deemed most valuable today.

With the rise of hybrid work, almost every aspect of marketing requires a background in digital skills. It's no surprise then that today, digital marketing is the #1 skill marketers list on their LinkedIn profiles. 

Attention spans are shorter and there are more content types and content creators than ever. These macro trends correlate with skills like SEO, Content Marketing, and Google Analytics rising in the ranks of must-have skills for marketers today. 

LinkedIn’s data on the top 10 skills marketing professional list on their profiles has changed by 50% since 2015. But overall job skill sets have only changed by around 25% since 2015, and are expected to change by 41% by 2025. 

The top 3 skills for marketing professionals today are Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Skills like SEO (#3), Content Marketing (#7), and Google Analytics (#9) are also rising in the ranks of must-have skills for marketers. These skills did not feature in the top 10 list in 2015. 

“A Swiss army knife of action-specific skills”  

Corporate Communications is #10 on the list of marketing skills you need today, while Event Planning and Event Management no longer feature in the top 10. 

Tunji Akintokun, Head of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, UK and Ireland, commented: “As economic uncertainty looms, marketers are looking to demonstrate they have the skills businesses need to navigate the potentially choppy waters ahead. As companies look to do more with less, our data points to a growing demand for the ‘resourceful modern marketer’ – marketing professionals with a Swiss army knife of action-specific skills that can combine creativity and effectiveness in key areas like digital marketing to drive wider impact.

“Given that the top skills required for today’s marketing jobs have changed by 50% since 2015, it’s important that marketers continue developing their skill set so they can remain agile and help businesses adapt in the months to come.”