Access all areas (to the Premier League) with new Yahoo campaign for Singapore broadcaster

Yahoo and StarHub team up for dedicated football hub combining contextual advertising and branded content.

Yahoo and StarHub have teamed up to launch a dedicated football Premier League topic hub on Yahoo Singapore.

The one-stop shop will give all the latest Premier League news, results, player transfers and analysis through the 2022/23 football season.

StarHub, Singapore’s official broadcaster of English football’s Premier League, and Yahoo will be running the campaign until the end of this year. It will be promoted through Yahoo Native ads and Yahoo social media channels.

The regular Yahoo banner will be replaced by a StarHub Premier League in a ‘takeover’ as part of the campaign, alongside StarHub ads to direct users to its online store.

The campaign aims to drive meaningful connections between Premier League fans and StarHub’s Premier League content offer. With the rising popularity of the Premier League in Singapore, the campaign will combine contextual advertising and branded content in a seamless experience for StarHub and its target audience.

Maneesh Varma, Vice President of Marketing, StarHub, said: “As the proud home of the Premier League for the next six seasons, our collaboration with Yahoo matches our aspiration to bring the Premier League to Singaporeans through an immersive, feature-rich, and multi-platform over-the-top service.

“We are eager for as many football fans to enjoy this enriched viewing experience, at a fraction of the price the Premier League was offered in prior seasons. To that end, we struck up a partnership with Yahoo, tapping on their strong editorial lineup of Premier League-related content alongside branded content pieces that will reach our ideal target audience through their engaged sports readership.”

Open content and new talk show

Users will get access to all Premier League content on the topic hub, including Yahoo aggregated content and editorial, and StarHub branded content covering pre-match predictions, post-match reviews, and team and player analyses.

A new Footballing Weekly talk show will launch on the hub with hosts Chia Han Keong, Yahoo Editor and Neil Humpreys, author and Yahoo columnist.

Carol Tay, Senior Director Sales Southeast Asia, Yahoo, said: “This campaign is a great example of employing creative and simple solutions, backed by our unified ad tech stack and ad solutions, to meet audacious ambitions and unlock the full value of marketing at scale. As a key destination for news, finance, sports, and lifestyle content, we look forward to giving consumers more of what they want and helping brands drive meaningful connections.”