‘Moments’ by Storyly turns individual users into creators

The new Storyly product allows users to create and post their own Stories directly in the mobile app.

User engagement platform Storyly has launched ‘Moments’ – to allow its users the ability to create and post their own ‘Stories’ directly in the mobile app.

Storyly, which embeds full-screen, interactive and immersive Stories in mobile apps and websites, has released Moments to allow brands to build, grow and revitalise communities and drive greater engagement within their apps, by turning users into creators.

Moments is aimed at creating communities based on specific interests like health and fitness, food and drink and travel. Users can capture and post Stories directly in the app with their phone camera, or use their gallery to upload images and videos, with the content immediately live.

‘Stories’ in an instant – but moderation possible

Moments offers a space for users to express themselves, building up social interactions and strengthening content ownership.

But app owners are able to moderate content via reporting, where the community itself reports content if it is thought to be inappropriate. Amazon Rekognition, an image recognition service that flags the inappropriate content automatically, is also integrated within the app. Each app owner has access to the moderation dashboard to review, remove or keep content that is reported by the community or flagged by the Amazon Rekognition.

Aykut Bal, Chief Product Officer at Storyly said: “Sense of belonging is fundamental for human beings. People are looking for places/platforms to connect, share and talk about what they care about, and interact rather than just observe.

“With the introduction of Moments by Storyly, we’re taking that to the next level and bringing together people who all care about the same sort of thing; be that fashion, cooking or running, and creating communities where they feel comfortable enough to share their content and thrive off each other.

“By doing so, we’re also able to provide mobile apps with a self-maintaining and visually social customer platform. Working alongside their social platforms, Moments is able to bring to life their products or services, through their users, increasing relatability, engagement and ultimately, number of customers.”