What do you listen to on your commute? 15 most popular business podcasts revealed

Start your day right, with a ranking of the top business podcasts according to Google’s monthly search results.

Google’s worldwide search data unveils the 30 most popular business podcasts, with ‘Bloomberg Businessweek' topping the list with 17,000 monthly searches.

The findings were analysed by document management company SmallPDF, which ranked the top 15 according to average monthly searches.

“From business to cooking, from gardening to politics, nowadays it’s possible to find a podcast on almost anything,” commented SmallPDF. “Podcasts have the power to bring together communities formed around the same interests, enriching listeners with new notions and knowledge.   

“This is a powerful tool for aspiring entrepreneurs, who can easily educate themselves whilst conducting daily tasks and activities.”  

The formidable list includes ‘Bloomberg Businessweek’, ‘How I built this’ and ‘Masters of Scale’ – although there seems to be one missing: PMW’s Attention Seekers. Listen here for the latest episode on taste credentials in marketing…

Roll-call of top business podcasts

According to SmallPDF’s results, the top 15 most popular podcasts in the world are: 


Read on for more about the content of the top five – and how they fare for Google searches.

  1. Bloomberg BusinessWeek 

'Bloomberg BusinessWeek' is the most popular business podcast worldwide, registering 17,000 searches a month. This podcast keeps you on top of the news from the world of business and finance. 

  1. How I built this 

Started back in 2016, this podcast is about entrepreneurs, innovators and their stories. 'How I built this' analyses the process that got these people to build their movements. With an average of 14,000 monthly Google searches in the world, How I built this is the second most popular business podcast globally.  

  1. Strictly Business 

Third in the ranking is interview-based 'Strictly Business', with an average of 6,700 monthly Google searches globally. 

  1. Masters in business 

This podcast focuses on the people and ideas that influence the world of investments and business, registering an average  5,500 Google monthly searches in the world.

  1. Building a Storybrand 

In this podcast, the hosts Donald Miller and JJ Peterson interview important guests, registering an average 4,200 monthly Google searches globally.