How to transition to cookieless through trust-based transactions

Mapping the user journey has entered uncharted waters. Joseph Merhej as Xandr explains how ‘Publisher Provided ID’ can ensure smooth sailing in the age of privacy.

In this PMW Masterclass Series, learn how buyers and publishers can find success in the privacy era by using a programmatic model that puts trust at the forefront.

Your tutor: Joseph Merhej, Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting, Xandr

View a short introduction from Joseph below:

Watch the modules here:

Lesson 1: Introduction to trust-based transactions

Lesson 2: Finding the non addressable audience

Lesson 3: Using publisher provided ID to optimise first party data

Lesson 4:  Mapping the cookieless user journey  

Lesson 5: Benefits of using PPID for media buyers 

Lesson 6: Key takeaways