Data Clean Room

A data clean room is a secure online environment where...

A data clean room is a secure online environment where customer data or PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is anonymized and safely stored, to be used by advertisers in a privacy-compliant way. 

Why would I need this? 

Data clean rooms allow brands and advertisers to share data without violating user privacy. It provides them with a much clearer picture of advertising performance and provides a key solution for measuring advertising effectiveness in a soon-to-be cookieless world.

Major advertising platforms like Facebook, Amazon, Disney and Google use data clean rooms to provide advertisers with matched data on the performance of their ads on their platforms.

How does it work?

The brands share aggregated data – data that has been organised into groups – rather than individual customer data. Only the brand who collected the first-party data can view the raw PII. 

First-party data from the advertiser is then added to the room to see how it matches up with the aggregated data. From there, advertisers can see how the different data sets match up, using any inconsistencies between the two to determine whether they’re over-serving ads to the same audiences. 

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