PMW Jargon Buster: new explainer series for performance marketers goes live

Do you know your CMP from your CDP? Our handy guide goes beyond a simple glossary to help practitioners and managers alike skill up fast.

Performance Marketing World has launched PMW Jargon Buster - the definitive guide to explaining key industry terms.

PMW Jargon Buster is desgned to help you shed light on more technical terminology in the industry and break down communication barriers across teams and partners, from the training room to the boardroom.

We’ve built this new section on PMW’s website in response to popular demand from our audience, who requested simple and practical explanations for frequently used acronyms and specialist phrases.

Robin Langford, Editor at PMW, said: “The fast-evolving and fragmented nature of performance marketing means the sector is awash with new – and sometimes rather opaque – terminology. On our travels, even the most seasoned experts in our industry often admit to us that they find it hard to keep up with the latest buzzwords, technology and techniques.”

"The PMW Jargon Buster answers this problem. We’ve designed it to be so much more than just a glossary of terms, with visuals and practical examples that connect each term to the wider industry world and business objectives. This series is for new starters, experienced practitioners and managers alike.”

Launching with 37 of the most requested ‘jargon’ terms from readers, the PMW team will update the library each month and will accept requests for new jargon to be ‘busted’ via our Instagram.

Follow us to keep updated – or submit your own to help bust marketers out of the jargon.