Tech tracker round-up: fighting ad carbon emissions and creating Web3 customer data platforms

How is AI being used to understand the seven types of gamer – and why is Sprout Social partnering Salesforce? We round-up the biggest ad tech innovations around the world in one place.

Each week, PMW looks into the latest technology and platforms available to performance marketers, with an at-a-glance guide to help you turbo-change your tech stack.

This week we look at how the industry is tackling carbon emissions, Web3 data silos and mysterious ‘unknown visitors’, as brands look to take measurement beyond clicks and conversions.

Companies covered this week:

  • Integral Ad Science and Good Loop
  • Plarcart and Rex Brown
  • Zynga and Storemaven
  • Content Square
  • Sprout Social and Salesforce
  • Bicycle and ViewersLogic
  • Validity
  • Mediaocean and Strigo
  • Oxylabs
  • Zizo and Suse
  • Analytic Partners
  • MiQ and Bridgepoint
  • alan.
  • and Treasure Data
  • URW and TF1 PUB
  • Infosum and FACEIT
  • Recurly
  • Bring and NRS
  • Bucketplace and Moloco

IAS offers ‘Carbon Emissions Measurement’ for advertisers via Good Loop

A new partnership will let advertisers track the carbon emissions of their digital ad campaigns using IAS and Good-Loop data feeds.

How it works

Good-Loop’s carbon measurement solution is integrated into IAS’s reporting platform, IAS Signal, letting advertisers track the end-to-end carbon footprint of their digital ads in a similar way to standard metrics such as viewability. Data feeds from Good-Loop will enable advertisers that use IAS’s media quality platform to monitor and reduce the environmental impact of their ads throughout the entire campaign lifecycle. According to Good-Loop’s online carbon calculator, a sample ad campaign that costs $115,000 (£100,000) and delivers 20 million impressions (at a CPM of $6) emits around 5.4 tonnes of carbon – almost a third of what an average US consumer and half of what a UK consumer produces in a year.

Playrcart and Rex Brown: transactional ad tool gets a big brand boost

Playrcart is partnering with Rex Brown, an e-commerce specialist whose international portfolio includes some of the world’s top brands, including P&G, Nestle and Mattel – to bring transactional advertising to its customers.

How it works

Playrcart offers an in-advert checkout process enabling brands to optimise digital transactions, using proprietary technology that reduces the online buyer journey down to minimal steps. Rex Brown provides end-to-end B2B and B2C e-commerce services, covering sourcing, branding and distribution across EMEA with expansion into APAC. Through this collaboration, Rex Brown can offer direct integration of Playrcart’s software to its clients and offer customers a seamless checkout process with the innovative technology. In addition, brands capture first party, customer consented data and behavioural data.

Zynga buys mobile growth platform Storemaven

Zynga has completed the acquisition of Storemaven, a world leader in mobile growth and App Store Optimisation (ASO) technologies.

How it works

Expanding Zynga’s existing operations in Israel, the Storemaven team will combine its innovative mobile technologies with Zynga’s expansive global portfolio and Chartboost’s advertising platform. The company helps mobile companies and game developers optimise their creatives, conduct growth experiments, and measure performance. With this acquisition, Zynga aims to enhance its usage and investment in state-of-the-art growth technologies, augment its leadership position in reaching mass audiences, and further its mission to connect the world through games.

Contentsquare and Namogoo: analytics venture ‘understands the first-time and unknown visitors’

Contentsquare has struck a new partnership with Namogoo, a digital journey continuity platform.

How it works

The enhanced partnership and integration with Namogoo adds a layer of contextual information to Contentsquare’s unique customer behaviour insights, unlocking a greater understanding of digital customers, especially first-time and unknown site visitors – the majority of digital users these days. Using a new generation of data points and segments that are unique in the industry and do not rely on cookies and visitor history, this integration allows businesses to build a portrait of their customers, and to better understand why they browse the way they do. Namogoo’s technology automatically gathers non-personal data and commerce behaviour on customer devices, and offers the environment to help businesses understand the impact such variables have on the overall customer journey, from predicted lifetime value to probability of abandonment, via connection speed and device efficiency.

Sprout Social partners Salesforce to boost social CRM

Sprout Social has integrated further into Salesforce Service Cloud to provide brands with a ‘360-degree’ view of their customer interactions.

How it works

Earlier this year, Sprout Social and Salesforce launched a global partnership which made Sprout the preferred social media management solution for Salesforce customers. Building upon that partnership, customers can manage all their social customer care requests directly from within Service Cloud while enriching customer CRM profiles with social data to provide a holistic view of customer interactions. This functionality becomes increasingly important as service organisations rank social media the biggest non-traditional channel they use for customer support. Sprout will also integrate Marketing Cloud Intelligence – Salesforce’s marketing analytics solution – into its platform to provide an automated method for bringing social data and insights into overall marketing dashboards in Salesforce and Intelligence.

Bicycle partners with ViewersLogic to match TV and offline behaviour

Media experience (MX) agency Bicycle has struck a strategic partnership with ViewersLogic to integrate its single-source data into the Bicycle Media Experience Platform.

How it works

Bicycle clients will be able to understand how their TV and online campaigns directly influence consumer behaviour online and offline. From October, Bicycle will have access to the ViewersLogic platform’s single-source panel data, allowing its clients to analyse shopper and media insight from a single point for the first time.

Validity unveils premium data quality solutions to Salesforce

Email and data solutions company Validity has launched DeDuped and DemandTools Free editions at Dreamforce 2022, an annual event that brings together the global Salesforce community.

How it works

These are the tools that provide a path for successful data management for businesses, letting users review data records and identify and fix issues in their CRM system. DeDuped is a free duplicate assessment that evaluates up to 20,000 account records in Salesforce and, within minutes, draws up a report detailing how many duplicates the system finds. This offering will be available exclusively at Dreamforce. DemandTools Free Edition is a data loader for Salesforce that allows users to insert, update, and upsert records from a .csv or .xlsx file, along with the ability to automatically standardise data as part of the import process. Users can import unlimited records monthly, as well as access a 14-day trial of the deduplication functionality to further investigate where duplicates exist in their data and run test merges to experience first hand the functionality needed to properly manage duplicate records.

Mediaocean partners Strigo to boost customer training programs Omnichannel marketing agency

Mediaocean has formed a partnership with Strigo, a provider of the leading unified platform for remote, instructor-led, software training.

How it works

Mediaocean Education, the division dedicated to supporting the company’s agency partners, clients, and teams, has become a power user of the Strigo Classroom. Mediaocean has been delivering virtual learning for over four years and this partnership is designed to further drive engagement and interactivity among its clients. Mediaocean Education now provides 70% of its training through Strigo and plans to continue to expand its use. To supplement these efforts, Mediaocean Education also provides over 1,000 e-learning videos and 1,575 learning articles for its users.

Oxylabs buys US-based Webshare Software Company

Oxylabs, a market-leading public web data gathering solutions provider, has bought Webshare Software Company, a Silicon Valley-based self-service proxy company whose portfolio includes over 10,000 active customers, including numerous Fortune 500 companies.

How it works

Oxylabs will support the further development of Webshare by sharing extensive industry knowledge and business expertise. In addition, Webshare’s in-house teams will be significantly expanded by capturing world-class talent from all over the industry.

Zizo Partners with SUSE to Harness the Power of Open Source

Zizo, a provider of big data and edge analytics has joined the SUSE One Partner Programme, and completed the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server(SLES) 15-certification for its Zizo Edge Analytics Platform.

How it works

Zizo’s Edge Analytics Platform brings data together and analyses it for sophisticated insights. SUSE specialises in business-critical Linux, enterprise container management and edge solutions, used by more than 60% of the Fortune 500. The SUSE One Partner Programme provides Zizo with a flexible and modern structure built around targeted specialisations. The programme creates paths for organisations to come together in different ways to accelerate business opportunities.

Analytic Partners boosts ‘scenario planning’ to help marketing decisions

Analytic Partners has updated its GPS-E Platform that will accelerate brands’ ability to quickly make crucial decisions on adapting to new opportunities and risks to meet their business goals, even in an uncertain economic environment.

How it works

Using the GPS-E platform, brands can re-run and optimise their plans to accommodate these dramatic shifts, faster than before. Analytic Partners helps brands optimise in real-time for multiple KPIs, including sales and new customers, in the context of marketing and macroeconomic metrics.

MiQ teams up with Bridgepoint to expand programmatic offering globally

The partnership will help the global programmatic media partner for marketers and agencies on the strategic path for long-term growth.

How it works

MiQ, a global programmatic media partner, has teamed up with private equity group Bridgepoint. As part of the partnership, Bridgepoint will support MiQ’s existing management team to deliver the next phase of programmatic media solutions, with a focus on continued international expansion and client growth.

Thunderstruck launches AI analytics platform to understand gamers

Metanomic, a game economy and player analytics company, has launched its Thunderstruck player analytics platform; which is poised to revolutionise game developers’ use of behavioural data to improve retention and monetisation.

How it works

Thunderstruck uses AI-powered behavioural analytics to understand data from real in-game events, drawn directly from game servers. Thunderstruck analyses player motivations, play styles, and reward preferences, providing developers with live information on who their game is for, what types of players have the highest retention, and which players spend the most in-game. Until now, game creators have had to rely on outdated player classification models combined with market research, and plug gaps in insight with assumptions and guesswork.

alan. launches Integrated Intelligence to give B2B clients industry insights

B2B marketing specialist alan. has launched Integrated Intelligence – a new research division aiming to fundamentally change how B2B marketers understand their industries.

How it works

Led by Research and Intelligence Managers, Josh Cohen and Emilie Pirson (pictured above), the new service will focus on providing B2B clients with market analysis, profiling and targeting, and brand measurement. It will give B2B clients the same access to the sorts of brand, audience and market insight that B2C clients take for granted, including market analysis, profiling and targeting and brand measurement. Partners with Treasure Data for Web3 customer data platform, a provider of permission-based Web3 advertising, has struck a partnership with Treasure Data to utilise its Customer Data Cloud suite of solutions, including its enterprise customer data platform (CDP).

How it works

The collaboration allows advertisers using Permission Ads – a demand-side platform offering crypto rewards – to leverage Treasure Data’s CDP to collect, unify, and segment customer profiles. With this new integration, has expanded its infrastructure and utility for the Permission Token (ASK), which powers a new Web3 advertising model based on user consent and value exchange. Permission Ads enables advertisers to allocate ASK tokens as part of their campaigns, and reward users for engaging with ads and sharing zero-party data. By asking permission and incentivising users to opt in, advertisers build permissioned first-party audiences while respecting user privacy.

URW partners with TF1 PUB in France to amplify creative brand experience campaigns

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield has signed a new brand partnership with TF1 PUB, Europe’s largest media group. The partnership will see both parties leverage the other’s network, using TV and digital media advertising to drive footfall to URW centres, while URW will create personalised brand experiences on behalf of TF1.

How it works

Together, URW and TF1 Live, the advertising network's brand content unit, will leverage their significant reach and complimentary inventory of advertising assets to create innovative, bespoke campaigns and activations for brands in France with an high reach.

InfoSum levels up FACEITs advertising with data collaboration partnership

FACEIT, a competitive gaming platform with over 26 million players worldwide, and InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform, have struck a partnership.

How it works

Esports ad clients and partners can now leverage their first-party data to reach a unique audience of players through FACEIT, reaching the right people with the right message at the right time with in-platform ads – all while maintaining full control of their own first-party data and without having to risk data leakage or data sharing. FACEIT’s global gaming audience is unique, highly engaged, and primarily Gen Z and Y – one of the most sought-after demographics from an advertising perspective – and global CS:GO and DOTA 2 tournaments provide opportunities for brands to reach far and wide.

Recurly takes subs management platform to Google Cloud marketplace

Recurly, a subscription management and billing platform, is set to become available on Google Cloud Marketplace, offering Google Cloud customers a leading platform for subscription management and recurring billing.

How it works

Having run Recurly on Google Cloud for more than three years, Recurly leveraged this relationship to build an industry-leading subscription billing and payment platform to support enterprise companies with a resilient and scalable solution. Now Google Cloud customers can partner with Recurly using a streamlined procurement process to get up and running more easily.

Bringg and NRS provide local delivery for purchases from independent retailers

The partnership aims to ‘democratise last mile delivery’ – enabling neighbourhood stores to serve local customers with integrated digital ordering and rapid delivery.

Bringg, a delivery management platform provider, and National Retail Solutions (NRS), operator of the leading point-of-sale platform for independent convenience stores, bodegas, and other neighbourhood retailers, have partnered to enable NRS’ 19,000+ retailers nationwide to source and manage external delivery providers for home delivery services utilising Bringg’s Delivery Hub.

Bucketplace’s oHouse uses Moloco Retail Media Platform

Moloco, a machine learning company, has announced that technology platform Bucketplace is utilising its Retail Media Platform to drive the evolution of its oHouse marketplace through enhanced user experiences and by enabling merchants to make their products discoverable.

How it works

oHouse is an e-commerce and lifestyle app where shoppers source and purchase home goods from thousands of merchants on a single platform. The Moloco Retail Media Platform technology enables e-commerce platforms to serve the most relevant ads based on the marketplace’s own real-time and historic first-party data. 15% of oHouse’s total merchants were onboarded to the self-serve campaign interface within the first quarter of deployment. Results of A/B tests showed that shoppers exposed to product ads based on the oHouse marketplace’s own first-party data purchased 2.2% more than shoppers who weren’t shown ads.