Web3: are we losing touch of reality? – Attention Seekers, S2E2

Do we really know what the future of Web3 looks like? Who's going to be in it? How will it change our lives? Suresh Balaji co-founded the Web3 Marketing Association to regulate this unpredictable, unnerving and exciting new space.

Suresh Balaji spent 17 years at HSBC, culminating in the last two years as APAC CMO. During his time he acquiring the bank real estate in Sandbox, making them the first banking giant to enter this space. Suresh answers the most important questions all about Web3.

"There might be a cut off point where humans won't be able to differentiate between reality and the metaverse. Wouldn't that be the point when we stop thinking that it is overrated but it is actually what it was meant to be?" Suresh said in this episode.

We are now in season 2 of Attention Seekers – the performance marketing podcast that uncovers the human stories behind the winning campaigns.

Last season covered everything from VOD to voodoo dolls and this season aims to brighten and enlighten your commute with more big brand guests and candid conversations.

With your favourite show segments upgraded and some new sections added (including a new feature for the 'resell me a pen' challenge) this season is set to be bigger, better and catch your attention more than the first.

We have guests from The Big Issue, Standard Chartered, Rakuten, Halfords and more, coming to discuss what's overrated and underrated in the industry, what gets their attention, and attempt the mighty 'resell me a pen' challenge.

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