Reddit woos advertisers with live chat, pixel helper and 1,000 more community segments

The social media giant is also offering free advertising credit to prove its performance credentials to curious marketers.

Reddit has introduced a raft of updates to its Ads Manager this week, as it looks to encourage new and existing clients to invest more ad dollars on the social network.

The Reddit Ads Manager updates are geared at improving usability of Reddit ads as well as making it easier for new advertisers to test and get support.

Key updates include a ‘Live Chat’ module on every page of the Ads Manager as well as a new ‘Reddit Ads Help Center’, providing support and guidance to new advertisers as they set up their campaigns on the platform.

Free credit and more community targetting

The platform is also offering an advertising credit to new advertisers so that they can testing Reddit as a channel for their business. Advertisers who take advantage of this credit will have it directly applied to their billing page, (but restrictions and conditions apply).

Meanwhile, a 'wizard-style' experience in the ads dashboard helps performance-focused advertisers integrate the Reddit Pixel, which enables them to measure their campaign success, optimise campaigns, and retarget their high-value customers.

Reddit has also added over 1000 new targetable communities to the Reddit Ads Manager to more communities most relevant to a diverse set of advertisers.

More real time insights and edits with new Audience Manager Tool

The new Audience Manager tool lets advertisers create, edit, delete, and reuse audiences across their Reddit ad account, saving them time as they test and segment various target audiences across the platform, as well as different creatives for best performance.

Along with a number of user interface updates, a new ‘Post Library’ allows advertisers to create, view, and manage all of their promoted posts in one place, to tweak targeting and creative preferences in real time to strengthen optimal campaign performance.

They can also make changes to their campaigns in real time via an Edit Ads feature. In addition, a redesigned Estimates tool in the Reddit Ads Manager provides advertisers with impression and click estimates for their ad group, as well as an estimated audience size.

This helps advertisers understand their advertising potential and outcomes from the outset, and dynamically make changes to meet their campaign objectives.

Shariq Rizvi, EVP, Ads Monetization, at Reddit, said: “Reddit’s advertising business is growing at great scale globally. As we continue to welcome new clients to our platform, we are committed to providing them with a best-in-class experience as they get started, and with ensuring the best possible tools and features so our longstanding partners can make the most of their campaigns on Reddit”

“These updates to our Ads Manager reflect this commitment and our investment in setting all advertisers up for significant success on our platform. There’s a lot more to come as we continue to update, adapt and innovate Reddit Ads Manager, and we look forward to sharing more, soon.”