37% are prioritising buys to help cope with less heating this winter

Survey of UK consumers find that alternative ways to keep warm this winter and more ‘socialising’ at home are just some of the measures people are taking to save money.

UK consumers are prioritising finding ways to keep warm in a bid to battle soaring energy costs, with 37% planning to buy items to help prepare for longer periods without switching on the heating.

New research from eBay Ads reveals that a quarter of consumers are looking to buy items to keep them warm, while a fifth are planning to stock up on measures to make their homes more energy efficient.

The survey of 1,000 UK adults also found that more than a third (36%) were planning to ‘socialise’ at home in a bid to save money this winter, with almost half planning to cut their outgoings by dining at home more.

Over a quarter were planning to buy items to make their home as nice a place as possible to spend time.

Upasana Gupta, GM, eBay Ads UK, said: “It’s clear that the rising cost of living is going to significantly impact consumer behaviour this winter, as people are looking to find new ways to make ends meet. Keeping warm and nesting at home are set to be key focuses for consumers in the coming weeks and months, along with looking for products that will provide better value for money.

“Brands and sellers alike should ensure their offerings align with these mindsets in order to support customers and their evolving needs, and to allow for a successful festive season.”

Search volumes hot up for winter warmers

eBay Ads looked to search trends on ebay.co.uk to highlight that searches for winter warmers typically rises at the start of autumn – but this year preparing for a cold snap amid rising energy prices has been on consumers’ minds much earlier.

Searches for ‘heated blanket’ in July 2022 were 132% up on July 2021, while ‘loft insulation’ searches were 37% higher this year compared to last.

The findings chime with research by performance agency MediaVision, which found that UK consumers have been hitting the search engines for low-cost ways to keep themselves and their homes warm.

Using its Digital Demand Tracker, MediaVision found that search volumes for ‘draught excluders’ last month shot up by more than 2,000% compared to 2021, with ‘home insulation’ up 590% and ‘portable heaters’ increasing by 348% over the year. Searches for ‘home wind turbines’, at an increase of 388% from last year, also revealed how people were hunting for alternative ways to combat the impact of energy costs.

Winter clothes also saw hikes in searches – with ‘coats’ search volumes up 34% compared to September 2021 while demand for hoodies and jumpers rose by 13%.

Louis Venter, CEO at MediaVision, said: “It’s no surprise that people are more focused than ever before on keeping their heating costs down with draught excluders and better insulation – and of course by buying more winter clothes.

“They’re looking for all the help they can to keep their energy bills as low as possible, both from the government and in terms of where they’re spending their money.”