Make it snappy: 31% of Brits want to communicate in one line or less

With almost none of us preferring to speak on the phone, ‘One Line Wonder’ is the most common communication persona, making ‘less’ definitely worth more.

Almost a third of Brits prefer to communicate in one line or less, according to the results of a BuzzFeed quiz.

The ‘one line or less’ communication style of the ‘One Line Wonder’ – one of five persona types identified by the quiz – was the most popular across the poll, followed by the Direct and Effective Communicator (22% of those quizzed) who want communications that get to the point without the fuss.

The quiz by BuzzFeed, in partnership with data platform specialist Klaviyo. found that just 4% of the panel identified as an ‘Old School Communicator, who prefer to speak over the phone, while 12% were found to be ‘Deep Meaningful Conversation Lovers’ who seek lengthier, more rambling conversations over the phone or face to face.

The results reveal that snappy conversations and short text-based messages are the preferred types of communication from businesses to their customers, said BuzzFeed and Klaviyo. Time, convenience and dwindling attention spans all play their part in determining the top messaging styles.

Caroline Fenner, Commercial Director, BuzzFeed UK commented: “It’s clear from the quiz results that we are facing a giant shift in how we communicate with one another. We’re seeing this shift in our own readership, with fans preferring short-form content both on the website and on our socials.

“Communication is at the heart of human civilisation, and to be a marketer in the digital age is not an easy task. No one-size-fits-all marketing strategy ever works, which is why hyper-personalisation is the future.

“But while personalisation should be at the forefront of strategies, right below should be instant and short form communication.”

Brand comms: keep it short

The poll included questions like “somebody rings you without a warning first – how do you react” to allow users to discover their preferred communication style and how they compare to other Brits.

Alongside the opposite ends of the communication spectrum, 18% identified as a ‘Chatterbox’ – someone who prefers to communicate rather than be communicated to. More than one in 10 (14%) were ‘On Top Of It Alls’ who prefer to dart from one quick message to the next.

Klaviyo’s Senior Marketing Director, Gemma Banks said: “When consumers are bombarded with endless content from every angle, it’s important for businesses to invest into the right tools to ensure they are focusing on building long-term customer relationships. Smarter, more agile, personalised marketing is the way to go but the ability to adapt to consumers’ attention spans and need for constant and relevant content is key.

“It’s all about immediacy; customers aren’t interested in long winded messages from brands, and in the next six months, every penny counts for businesses and consumers. So less is definitely more.”