Top 5 adtech tools this week: DoubleVerify’s Attention Lab and Match2One’s Shopify App

From real time segmentation to matching customer IDs and creative insights, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects our five picks from the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week:

  1. DoubleVerify: “Attention Lab”
  2. Match2One: “Shopify app for programmatic ads”
  3. Optimizely: ”Real-Time Segmentation”
  4. Experian and Yieldmo: “Smart platform"
  5. Selbey Anderson: "Selbey Labs"

DoubleVerify debuts Attention Lab: specialist team cracks ‘new performance currency’

DoubleVerify has launched DV Attention Lab, designed to help its advertiser client base optimise campaign performance by using attention data on ad engagement and ad exposure.

How it works:

  • With a core group of more than 20 employees globally, the lab's multidisciplinary team consists of data scientists, product experts, and marketing analysts – leveraging an industry-leading technology platform and attention dataset.
  • The lab will focus on attention-based insights and recommendations on campaign performance.
  • Based on looking at attention metrics such as exposure and engagement – for instance, if a user were to scroll away or mute an ad before the product or brand logo appears – advertisers can make more informed decisions on a range of improvements from enhancing creative assets to optimising placements.

What the provider says:

Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify: “Traditional KPIs such as viewability and clicks are not effective at identifying whether an ad is making an impact on the end viewer, and disruption from regulatory shifts to cookie deprecation is hindering how brands can use existing tools. With that in mind, we are confident that privacy-friendly attention metrics will become the industry’s new performance currency.”

What the client says:

Jennifer Brain-Mennes, Director of Global Media Strategy & Planning, Americas CX Lead of Mondelez: “We are excited to see [DoubleVerify] launch the Attention Lab and support the industry as attention-based measurement and targeting becomes even more critical. Now, more than ever, advertisers need actionable insights to drive campaign optimisation and deliver outcomes.”

The PMW View

In an ad saturated world full of seemingly endless new customer touchpoints, data scientists and marketing experts are in high demand – and they can be expensive. DoubleVerify is hoping this new outsourcing service, combining human insights with modern metrics, will make cookie-free audience insights more accessible and affordable for advertisers.


New Match2One Shopify app helps smaller merchants compete on programmatic

Advertising platform for small-business e-commerce, Match2One, has launched an app in Shopify, to offer sellers a new way of building, serving, optimising, and measuring programmatic ads. YouTube embed

How it works:

  • The platform integrates with Shopify to let sellers automate their campaigns and make the most of their spend.
  • A seller can launch an advertising campaign to compliment existing Google and Facebook budgets.
  • The app provides access to inventory across 93% of the open web, with connections to all major supply-side platforms (SSPs).
  • Brand safety controls are in place to avoid inappropriate ad placements.
  • There’s also a creative studio for any size ad, equipped with templates and animation capabilities.
  • Shopify sellers who install the app will receive a bonus in their account balance to support their ad budgets.

What the provider says:

Mikael Kreuger, CEO of Match2One, part of Verve Group: “Our self-serve app puts automation capabilities in the hands of advertisers who have previously been excluded from the programmatic landscape. Our mission is to truly empower all businesses to reach their desired audiences through efficient campaigns.”

What the client says:

Alexander Eriksson at Boulevard49, a user of Match2One’s Shopify App: “Match2One’s app does all the work for you, finding the right audience in the right place. Everything from building banner ads in the Creative Studio to following results is effortless. This is a true one-stop-shop for programmatic advertising.”

The PMW View

Time, money and resources are often cited as barriers for SMEs looking to break into programmatic advertising and compete with larger rivals. Match2One is making the smart decision to utilise Shopify – already established as a key platform for smaller retailers. Can it truly level the playing field in the e-commerce sector? Without requiring prior programmatic experience or extensive marketing resources, it certainly makes it more accessible – and possibly more competitive.

Optimizely speeds up personalisation with ‘Real-Time Segmentation’

Last week, at its annual Flagship event, Optimizely announced Real-Time Segmentation, letting marketers segment customers in the moment of engagement, so they can deliver relevant, personalised digital experiences.

How it works:

  • Real-Time Segmentation works across all Optimizely products to continuously refresh customer data, using first party data to let brands personalise customer engagement, content and offers potentially faster than before.
  • It leverages “fresh data” to reflect the true state of an audience, eliminating data refresh intervals that often result in delayed customer insight.
  • Optimizely adopts a streaming and on-demand approach that enables low data latency.
  • Customer messaging can be more relevant, driven by assets, behaviours and customer attributes

What the provider says:

Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer at Optimizely: “Too often, a brand will deliver a first-time purchase discount code a few minutes after the first purchase has been made. This can be incredibly frustrating as a consumer. Real-Time Segmentation empowers brands to not only be more timely, but also more confident in their messaging.”

The PMW View

Consumers now expect personalised interactions from brands as standard, and companies that excel at providing helpful, rather than pushy, experiences often reap the rewards. Unfortunately, many brands continue to struggle with delivering true value through personalisation efforts – Optimizely’s new tool adds a vital element to help crack the relevance code: timing.

Experian and Yieldmo match customer targeting to creative insights

Experian and Yieldmo have created an ad product that combines Experian’s digital identity and targeting capabilities with Yieldmo’s creative format technology and curation.

How it works:

The product combines data with machine learning, curation, and creative technology.

Through Yieldmo’s Smart Exchange, ad packages are purchased through automated channels, designed to be bought with one click.

This is layered with Experian’s identity and targeting data to boost Yieldmo’s ad buying decisioning for advertisers.

What the providers say:

Jeremy Hlavacek, Chief Commercial Officer of Experian Marketing Services: “We believe the sell-side of the industry has an opportunity to change the game by packaging media with the right targeting and identity assets. This initiative shows the power of data control with smart inventory curation and creative formats, driving results for clients.”

Jeremy Steinberg, Yieldmo CRO & GM, Exchange: “We know that our data curation boosts outcomes for buyers and sellers on every campaign, and this is enhanced further by smart creative technology, which outperforms standard formats by increasing time spent, viewability, click-through rates, and attention rates.”

The PMW View

Real purchasing decisions are influenced and made with the combination of the right people, the right place, and the right time. This partnership between privacy safe IDs and creative data insights makes sense, and marks a trend for technology providers joining forces to offer a more rounded view for a client’s audiences.

Selbey Anderson launches foresight and innovation practice Selbey Labs

Marketing consultancy Selbey Anderson has launched Selbey Labs, a foresight and innovation practice which helps clients identify, understand and respond to emerging opportunities and threats through foresight, research and strategic consulting.

How it works:

Selbey Labs identifies macro trends, key sector and market trends and in-depth audience insights. The goal is to bring clarity to clients to inform future strategies, campaigns, products and services, ensuring that clients remain resilient and successful.

The practice works with Selbey Anderson group agencies and partners as well as its own clients and has recently collaborated on projects for ZF Group, Gates Corporation, a major healthcare brand with LAW Creative and a major financial services brand with AML.

It has signed a partnership agreement with the Copenhagen Institute of Futures Studies to help develop new products and services, and has also partnered with Lumilinks to research and develop a bespoke predictive analytics tool.

Selbey Labs will regularly publish trend reports, white papers and research focusing on macro trends, key socio-economic drivers, markets, audiences and culture.

What the provider says:

Gerry Hopkinson, CEO of Selbey Labs: “Historically, futurists have found it difficult to separate signals and noise – but by engaging machine learning alongside senior consultancy, we can focus on the signals and forget the noise.”

The PMW view:

The PMW View

The consultancy, agency and adtech worlds are colliding, and Selbey Labs marks a further evolution. Mixing machine learning alongside futurist consultancy advice shows how the industry is being shaken out of its third-party cookie addiction, looking instead for more holistic, first-party and AI-driven insights.