TikTok and IAS give advertisers confidence with third-party brand safety measurement

Marketers are slowly getting their way onto TikTok to take advantage of its huge user base, but can they trust their ads will appear next to suitable content?

Digital media quality solutions provider Integral Ad Science (IAS) has added a post-bid brand safety and suitability measurement solution to its ongoing partnership with TikTok. 

Brands and agencies will be able to monitor the quality of their media buys on TikTok, giving advertisers confidence that their investments are appearing next to content that is brand safe and suitable.

The partnership aims to provide end-to-end support for marketers on TikTok, with pre-bid and post-bid brand safety solutions, in addition to viewability and invalid traffic measurement. 

The IAS solution is aligned to Global Alliance for Responsible Media standards on the TikTok platform in select markets, through an integration with the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement Software Development Kit.

A holistic solution for brand reputation 

“We are excited to continue to grow our partnership with TikTok and provide valuable tools that allow brands to make the most of their pre-bid and post-bid campaigns,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS.  

“As one of the largest video platforms, offering a holistic solution for advertisers planning their digital ad campaigns with the platform is more important than ever.”  

IAS’ current TikTok brand safety solution provides brand safety measurement and protection on TikTok for pre-bid ad placement in select markets.

The post-bid brand safety measurement offering will provide trusted, third-party measurement and insights for contextual placements, industry-aligned safety and suitability and 100% artificial intelligence and machine learning brand safety technology, which combines video, audio, and text.

“At TikTok, we strive to create the most trusted environment for brands, built on a foundation of safety, transparency and accountability,” said TikTok’s Head of Ecosystem Partnerships  Melissa Yang. 

“Bringing IAS on board as a global brand safety and suitability measurement partner will give our brands the confidence they need to ensure they are protecting their brand reputation.”