What do you meme? Monetising the creator economy

"Almost half of all Millennials and Gen Z's use memes on a daily basis". Funcorp's Group CEO talks to PMW about monetising memes, growing the creator economy and how marketers can use the humorous images.

From coding at 13, to releasing apps such as iFunny that has 70 million downloads in the US, Max Kraynov knows how to read the room with mobile apps.

When Apple released the iPhone in 2007, this encouraged a huge proliferation of mobile apps, and ever since Kraynov has been taking advantage of the trends.

His latest release, Yepp, monetizes memes to help grow the creator economy. In this face to face interview, he explains to PMW why marketers should get on board with memes, how they can reduce brand fatigue, and how to engage with a highly engaged audience like Gen Z.