Snapchat expands £3.99 paid subscription service

New premium tier options include customisable notifications, flexible message expirations and Halloween Bitmojis.

Snapchat has added new features exclusively for its Snapchat+ subscribers, as the social network looks to diversify from its rivals with an ad-free tier.

The new options on the paid for tier include custom notification sounds, colourful camera borders, and the ability to customise story expirations.

Snapchat+ is the company’s premium subscription tier that provides some exclusive features, with prices starting from £3.99 a month.

Already more than one million Snapchatters have opted in for Snapchat plus–and with this latest drop, Subscribers now have access to more than twelve exclusive features.

In addition to the new features, Snapchat is also announcing that in December, to coincide with the holiday season, Snapchatters will be able to gift their friends a subscription without leaving the app.

Custom Story Expiration lets users set snaps on subscribers’ stories to expire after one hour or up to one week. Meanwhile Custom Notification Sounds will let subscribers set different tones for different friends so they can tell who Snapped them without looking at their phone.

Custom Camera Color Borders lets subscribers cast their favourite hue on screen as they capture content. Plus, Snapchat's three new Bitmoji Backgrounds lets Snapchat+ subscribers decorate their Snapchat profile for Halloween.