Top costumes we’ll be wearing this Halloween: Google searches ranked

New research analyses thousands of Google searches to reveal the top make-up looks and costumes this spooky season.

What will be your Halloween outfit this year? A witch? A devil? Or a classic cat?

If any of these take your fancy then you’re not alone, as these costume favourites are in the top 10 most searched for costumes, according to research by cosmetic advice surgery site Tajmeeli.

Thousands of Google searches were analysed to rank the most in-demand makeup and costumes for Halloween – revealing that we’re traditionalists at heart.

The cat was the number one searched for costume according to the research, googled more than 91,000 times a year, with clown (79,200) and vampire (64,800) costumes claiming the remaining podium spots.

Popular character costumes include Harley Quinn, in fifth place and the Joker coming in ninth.

Americans the most dressed-up this Halloween

The research found that America took the top spot for the country with the most interest in Halloween makeup, with more than 400,000 yearly searches – followed by the UK (312,000) and India (192,000).

Germany came in fourth, while across the rest of Europe Italy ranked 14th and France 15th. Canada was the country with the seventh highest number of searches for Halloween makeup, while Australia came in eighth.

The average annual number of searches for Halloween makeup globally hit almost two million, with the bulk of searches happening in September and October. The most popular searches relating to makeup related to keeping it simple – with ‘easy Halloween makeup’ and ‘simple Halloween makeup’ the top two search terms, accounting for more than 430,000 searches between them.

‘Scary Halloween makeup’ was the fourth highest ranked term, followed by ‘cute’, ‘pretty’ and ‘sexy’.

‘Last minute Halloween makeup’ completed the top 10 global search terms. Compared to 2021, searches for Halloween makeup ideas climbed 300% year-on-year.