Why brand lift should become your latest performance metric

In a world of ad data overload, brand lift presents a more holistic metric way for performance marketers to make sense of their success and failures. Sean Adams, Global Insight Director at Brand Metrics, offers a handy guide on implementing and optimising this measure in your campaigns.

In this six-part PMW Masterclass series, learn how brand lift metrics can bring both short and long term benefits to your marketing strategy. 

Your tutor: Sean Adams, Global Insight Director, Brand Metrics 

View a short introduction from Sean below:

Watch the modules below:

1. Introduction: why brand lift should be part of the performance marketing discussion

2. Three questions about ad exposure

3. Measuring the performance of 4 ads: Lucozade, Estrella, Disney World and Nationwide

4. What are brand lift metrics?

5. Five ways to leverage brand lift measurement data

6. The long and short-term benefits of brand lift metrics