Meta amps up performance marketing tools ahead of the holidays

‘Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns’ - Meta’s rival to Google’s Performance Max - relies on automation to find the right audiences for advertisers, as opposed to intricate, manual targeting.

Meta has launched an extension of its performance marketing tools for advertisers, called Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

The new tool is designed to simplify the ad placement process, by automating the audience targeting and ad creative elements.

Advertisers select the campaign dates and budget and upload their creative assets, and Meta’s machine learning-powered processes will do the rest.

The system will generate up to 150 creative options based on existing creative assets, then automatically choose which variations will perform best in different placements.

See a sample of the dashboard below:

Advantage+ Shopping campaigns are part of Meta’s broader Advantage suite, which it first announced back in March, as part of a refocus on campaign automation tools in light of the impact of Apple’s iOS 14 privacy update.

In a statement, Meta said: “We’ve found that 52% of surveyed consumers want to find brands and products they haven’t heard about that also align with their shopping preferences [while] 60% of online shoppers want shopping experiences to be personalised based on their unique interests and preferences.

“Advertisers can use Advantage+ shopping campaigns to personalise ads at scale through machine learning and show people personalised products from your catalogues in a privacy-safe way,” the company added.

Meta also claims that on average, companies have seen a 12% reduction in cost per action, and a 15% increase in their return on ad spend via Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

View Meta's launch announcemnt and video guide here.