Team of the Year winner: Essence

Essence takes first place for skyrocketing BT brands through Team Connect using data and measurement-led media strategy and executions, whilst prioritising ethical data practice. iCrossing’s Audience Intelligence Team wins Highly Commended.

Team Connect – EE, BT Consumer, BT Enterprise, BT Global and Plusnet – is led by VP client partner, Verity Campion and consists of 108 Essence specialists across client services, strategy, planning, data strategy, digital activation and reservation. 

The team bases its work around four key pillars: future-proofing technology and data platforms for paid media, delivering growth through a first party audience strategy, making all things measurable and creating data-led experiences, underpinned by data privacy and ethics. 

In the past year it has developed a Data Ethics Compass, a first-of-its-kind web app allowing BT to quickly and consistently evaluate the ethical risk level of data assets and track decision making to ensure the highest data integrity standards are met. 

Since January 2021, the team has saved BT media spend through developing data clean rooms in new platforms, such as radio, and cross brand first-party data strategies. Work includes the Samsung Flip, the EE PhoneSmart initiative, which offers advice to children using phones for the first time and BT Hope United.  

Highly Commended: iCrossing UK, Audience Intelligence Team

iCrossing UK’s Audience Intelligence team is led by Maria Bain, Head of Audience Intelligence, which makes data actionable.

Officially launching in April, the team has had an incredible six months of growth. Its outputs have become an integral part of new business pitches, clients’ annual and ongoing digital plans and, in numerous cases, the foundation for digital strategies, new channel launches and product developments. In the last 12 months, the team has impressed clients, smashed client deliverables and raised client revenue across key accounts, building a new and highly profitable department revenue line.


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