PMW Global Awards 2023: meet the judges

“It's high time that the performance marketing industry runs a brand awareness campaign now!” With entries now open, PMW quizzed our prestigious judging panel on why we need a truly global awards event in 2023…

The inaugural Performance Marketing World Global Awards 2023 celebrates excellence in this fast-growing industry, open to entries from all over the world.

Previous international winners at PMW Awards have included work for clients as diverse as Doritos, Mercedes-Benz and This is Broadway.


  • Early bird deadline: 17th November 2022
  • Standard deadline: 8th December 2022
  • Shortlist announcement: February 2023
  • Winners announced: 11th April 2023

You can enter here

Ahead of the awards we caught up with some of our judging panel, made up of experts from brands and agencies from around the globe, to ask them why global performance marketing awards are important for the industry, and to name the key challenges facing marketers across the world today.

Abha Gallewalle, Manager, Global Social Strategy, ASICS Corporation (USA)

“It's a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and recognise examples of great work, but even more beneficial to highlight this work for others in the industry to learn from one another, especially to broaden inspiration from industries outside of the one marketers work in.Keeping up with the continuously changing and evolving platforms and their algorithms, especially for developing the right content with long planning timelines is one of the industry’s main challenges.”

Ferdi Anggriawan, Head of Digital Marketing, Growth, and Intelligence - Merchant Gojek (Indonesia)

“Amidst the economic recession and uncertain political condition, a widely-recognised award is necessary not just to stimulate motivation among marketers and the general public, but also as a means to unite like-minded growth-driven people to advance their innovation together.”

Justin Reid, EMEA Director, Tripadvisor (USA)

“It's always important to be respected within your industry. Awards are a great way of gaining recognition and respect among your peers. They can help you develop deeper relationships with customers, investors, suppliers, partners and the media. The cost of living crisis is mainly the biggest challenge the industry faces, along with a frank and honest discussion about sustainability in travel.”

Sinem Soydargunal, Digital Growth Strategist and Global Senior Marketing Manager at Vodafone Group

“There are three key challenges in the performance marketing industry right now. Fast-moving martech changes and lack of skilled people, the economic recession and commoditised service and products.”

Lionel Fenton, Content Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company (USA)

“The biggest challenges facing the industry right now is the forthcoming recession, which will certainly lead to budget cuts and potential job losses – so improving efficiency will be critical. The industry's continuing challenge is to clearly articulate the value created by marketing to the business (efficiency and effectiveness) to retain the support of the C-suite.

“The broadening of marketing’s remit to understand and harness the power of multiple new and existing technologies to provide the optimal customer experience has led to a talent and skills crisis. Finally, in B2B [there is an] insatiable appetite for more traffic and more quality leads for sales to grow the bottom line.”

Sophie Top, Editor-in-Chief, Canyon (Netherlands)

“Because of the challenges, it is so important to acknowledge the companies that do things well – and doing good isn't simply selling. Doing good is delivering your message in the right way, to the right audience. It's a challenge and a virtue – people are getting smarter and are not being fooled by easy marketing tricks. What we offer really has to be of worth. And this is what we need to prove.”

Giles Pearman, Co-Founder, MyBrandTruth (UK)

“Everything is about performance, however you choose to measure the work you do. And as the world of performance marketing becomes more sophisticated and evolves into a more customer-centric tool we need to see what best in class brands, who are capitalising on that, look like.

“The days of doing lazy performance marketing are disappearing as we need to treat people's personal data with the respect it deserves. Plus with the evolution of more channels to influence the customer acquisition funnel, how we evaluate the strong from the weak influencers towards acquisition when everyone is claiming their channel was the final click.”

Jasdeep Mondae, Head of Demand Generation, Starcom @ Performics (Worldwide)

“These awards provide recognition of strong performance, innovative out of the box thinking and finding new solutions to old and new problems. A key challenge is measurement in light of cookie deprecation, already impacting since iOS14 was released. Budget cuts in light of the cost of living crisis impacting a number of sectors is another challenge for 2023.”

Mark Phillips, Business Director, HH Global, (Worldwide)

“Despite the challenges that we face it is always important to celebrate success. Awards are a great way of demonstrating how we have risen to the challenges of today and still deliver by providing strategic solutions to the questions we have been asked. In today's current environment we face many challenges from the economy to navigate the fast paced changing world of communications.

"Consumers demand – and rightly so – a personalised experience that meets their needs. They want to know they are valued and have been listened to. We need to ensure that we do this in an omnichannel world by providing a seamless experience in both the physical and digital worlds.”

Vaidehi Singh (Sharma), Digital Marketing Head, Blazeclan Technologies (Worldwide)

“The biggest challenge in the performance marketing sector is ignorance. A lot of marketers misunderstand the true meaning of performance marketing. Similarly, many companies miss business opportunities due to a lack of performance marketing strategies. It's high time that the performance marketing industry runs a brand awareness campaign now!"

Matt Dailey, Chief Performance Officer, Havas Media (Worldwide)

“Industry challenges make performance – and the recognition and celebration of performance – more important, not less. More companies are getting tighter around demonstrating the impact of their marketing budgets on actual business growth rather than vanity metrics and performance marketing is rooted in that thinking. Getting true cross-channel attribution right and the plethora of different approaches to overcoming cookie deprecation that threaten to create an unmanageable amount of data sources to bring together and make sense of."

Tom Manning, Global Head of Consultancy, Assembly (Worldwide)

“Great work and innovation is our way out of all the challenges we face! I think the economic environment could impact brands' willingness to advertise, with digital media particularly being impacted, even though studies have proven the way through an economic downturn for a brand is to continue to advertise.”