Paid Search winner: Spark Foundry for Asda

Spark Foundry solved a real social problem during the pandemic, said the judges. By dominating local search, the supermarket reduced budget waste and grew their customer base.

During the national lockdown, insights from Asda’s on-site survey showed customers were leaving the site without purchasing due to lack of availability. To tackle this, Spark Foundry developed a script to automatically adjust postcode targeting based on Asda’s slot availability data. This ensured that budget was invested only in those areas with strong availability.

From inception to activation, Spark Foundry spent six months developing and testing the script. It combined data from multiple sources into formats compatible with Google’s platform, concentrating investment in areas with strong availability. 

Budget wastage caused by users clicking an ad, but then not being able to book a slot, was minimised. Alongside the performance benefits, the script saved up to five hours per week of manual postcode amendments for the team. 

Combining the automation from the script and personalised local messaging via Google Ad customisers, resulted in a well-rounded localised strategy, which enabled Asda to compete and thrive in an increasingly competitive and expensive market. The campaign contributed to the growth of new customers and the retention of existing ones. 

Judges said it solved a real social problem during the pandemic in a way that was commercially brilliant for Asda – dominating local search only in places with delivery slots available. 


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