Mobile and App Marketing winner: Incubeta for M&S

Retailer M&S wanted to put its Sparks app at the forefront of its customers’ minds, and by successfully growing user numbers and engagement, Incubeta takes home this win.

M&S wanted to spark engagement of their app pre- and post-purchase, by increasing the volume of app downloads and growing a pool of active monthly app users.

Incubeta’s solution involved Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google App Campaigns and Apple Search Ads, and executed a sequence of cross channel awareness, consideration, conversion and re-engagement strategies.

The initial goal was to raise awareness of the Sparks app, how to use it and its key benefits for shoppers. Direct response conversion campaigns featuring promo ads enticed customers to discover in-app offers and also captured qualified users to deliver further downloads, as well as increasing the frequency of in-app actions. Reach was expanded outside traditional TV, radio and social media platforms and YouTube.

Reach targets exceeded and user numbers grew. The cross-channel approach significantly increased searches and downloads for the M&S Sparks app. Moreover, the frequency of app usage after engaging with a retargeting campaign increased considerably and re-installations of the app after being targeted by the ads also increased.


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