Retail winner: Performics @ Starcom for Primark

For the launch of a new site, Starcom got creative with data using their new tool decoding user behaviour, delivering star-studded results for the brand.

Primark was launching a new UK website and tasked Starcom to support the launch with a data-led content strategy, using a credible source of data. 

Starcom created Intent Based Planning (IBP), a tool uncovering user behaviour, created in collaboration with Northwestern University. 

Unlike a traditional sales funnel approach, IBP acknowledges and celebrates a non-linear nature of user journey. It provides an advanced way to navigate users through the messy middle of product research: from spontaneous picks to considerate purchases.

This rich, always-online data resource was designed to not only inform Primark’s content strategy for a new UK website, but also to power and align messaging across all media, and inform optimisation tactics and bidding strategy. 

This data-driven approach attracted an influx of users to Primark’s new website, who were eager to search for products and looking to Primark for fashion inspiration. Shortly after the launch, there was also a significant boost in performance metrics across the site, compared to the pre-launch period. Judges said the team found really creative ways of solving the problem and delivering results for the brand.


Incubeta, Lazy Oaf