Ad Tech Innovation winner: Specsavers with MG OMD

Specsavers faces a fundamental business challenge when it comes to diary capacity. With the use of first-party data and Google’s Data Studio feed, the opticians exceeded targets.

Specsavers has the issue of managing demand in stores across 900 locations. Too much demand leads to increased waiting times, negatively impacting customer experience, whilst too little means wasted resources and missed income.

In 2020, Specsavers had implemented ‘LAF1’ (live appointment feed, version 1), a Google Data Studio feed which showed store’s availability, enabling the brand to increase or decrease paid search and paid social bidding in line with demand. However, this had limitations as it was not possible to pinpoint exact postcodes or tailor ad copy to their customers. 

LAF2 (version 2) was developed, requiring a revision of Specsavers’ first-party data and a complete technology and infrastructure rebuild. The paid search team combed through over 900 store locations and mapped out radii targeting for each of the stores, accounting for area crowdedness and travel time. Data on appointment availability from every store dynamically ranked high, medium or low based on capacity. 

The data was refreshed and pushed into the search platforms hourly and paid search campaigns were also redesigned to reflect these changes. This helped determine budget and enabled ad copy to be personalised at scale based on location and appointment.

The LAF2 campaign exceeded targets, significantly increasing in-store appointments and boosting additional revenue for Specsavers. 

Highly Commended: BrightBid 

Ad tech company launched in September 2020 and provides a B2B SaaS product that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the most profitable audience segments at the right time. 

For one of its customers with a small marketing budget spread thinly over many markets, the AI finds the best target customers in each country. The AI engine works 24/7 to optimise the customer’s campaigns, continuously generating and testing new keywords, creating and testing new ads and adjusting bids. On average, BrightBid’s technology increases conversions from Google Search by 20% or more and can easily exceed 40% improvements for some customer groups.


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  • Upp, Charles Tyrwhitt 
  • Bango
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