Ethical/Sustainable Initiative winner: Sharethrough and Scope3

Environmental sustainability is everyone's responsibility – it's why more and more brands and advertisers are looking to offset their carbon emissions. Sharethrough and Scope3 are allowing marketers to take action.

To fight climate change, Sharethrough believes it can help brands to build an environmentally friendly programmatic advertising ecosystem. 

It partnered with Scope3 to create its Sharethrough Green PMPs and provide advertisers with the first, real and meaningful solution to offset the carbon emissions caused by running ads throughout the programmatic supply chain, to achieve net zero carbon emissions on their digital ad campaigns. 

For every campaign delivered on Sharethrough Green PMPs, Scope3 measures the carbon emission of the entire programmatic supply chain, then allocates part of the media cost towards high quality carbon removal projects that equate to the exact cost of carbon emitted from that media, such as renewable energy, methane capture and tree planting. 

A Sharethrough client said: “The Green PMP from Sharethrough and Scope3 provides a viable path toward a cleaner, greener digital media ecosystem”. Another client said Green PMPs are the easiest and most impactful thing brands can do to help decarbonize advertising. 

“By building carbon into its Green PMPs, Sharethrough is allowing brands and media buyers to take action to fight climate change without compromising on campaign results.”


  • HH Global