E-commerce and Social Commerce winner: Rakuten Advertising and Student Beans for Weekday

The partnership authentically engaged students through TikTok for Weekday, with genuine storytelling using insight from the student community.

Rakuten Advertising and Student Beans used ‘peer influencers’ to create authentic TikTok and Instagram content to drive maximum impact and awareness for Weekday’s 20% student discount promotion. Students were gifted items from the streetwear fashion retailer to showcase in their TikTok and Instagram videos, providing authentic storytelling and inspiration to purchase.

Utilising insight from the student community, Student Beans understood that Millennials and Gen Z are becoming fatigued by professional influencers and that trust is waning. Instead, 93% will act upon a recommendation from someone they know or respect – in real life or online. The campaign therefore centred on enabling content creation by ‘peer influencer’ student tastemakers.

12 diverse Instagram and TikTok student tastemakers were cast and given £250 to spend on Weekday clothing. Rakuten Advertising recommended additional investment in a multi-channel media campaign across Weekday on-site ads, email sponsorship and push notifications. This ensured maximum exposure of consistent and visually impactful messaging across multiple touchpoints, helping to cut through the noise of other fashion advertisers on TikTok and Instagram.

A high degree of collaboration was needed from all those involved, with Weekday owning the promotion mechanics and onsite experience, and Student Beans pitching and handpicking the Gen Z TikTok and Instagram creators, executing the campaign based on the set KPIs. Rakuten Advertising tied it all together with the wider strategy, reporting and campaign insights. There was a substantial increase in traffic from Student Beans.


  • Performics @ Starcom, Samsung
  • Partnerize, DAZN