Great British Bake Off final: who’s the Instagram showstopper?

Instagram’s most popular Great British Bake Off contestants are ranked in a new study, as the final takes to UK screens at 8pm tonight.

Reality TV contestants prove their popularity on the screen and on their socials, but who will be crowned Instagram’s ‘star baker’?

As this season of Channel 4's Great British Bake Off comes to a close, a new study from has analysed the most successful contestants, according to their social media growth.

Using Instagram data, the team analysed the profiles of each contestant in order to reveal who has gained the most followers since the beginning of the show.

However, two out of three of the finalists take both first and last place in the instagram race. Sandro is currently in first place, gaining 103,941 followers since the show aired, but fellow finalist Abdul has attracted the fewest social media fans, with a gain of just 1,571.

Many reality TV stars attempt influencer marketing and land brand deals after their time on TV. So who will be the real winner after the show finishes airing?

As one of this year’s finalists, Sandro is set for the biggest social media success. His account is streamlined, organised and easy to find the relevant content. Most importantly, he reposts a lot of Bake Off content, capitalising on the British show’s engaged audience.

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Janusz is next on the list, despite being axed from the show in the semi-final. His charming personality, brightly coloured cakes and clothing have earned him an enormous 68,871 followers setting him up for huge potential social success.

Syabira is next on the list gaining 21,631 followers since the start of the show, followed by Maxy with 18,202 and Rebs, who left the show way back in week 4.

Interestingly, although making the final, Abdul has gained the least number of followers, gaining just 1,571 over the course of the series. Although this is hardly surprising with only 2 posts on the account, therefore missing out on Bake Off’s fanbase.

Maisam who left the show in week two, now has 4,419 followers, whereas Carole and Dawn have just over 6,000 each.