How TalkTalk’s laser focused direct mail campaign resulted in more conversions and less waste

A UK telecoms operator slashed the cost of acquisition by a startling 73.4%, by spending more time upfront compiling suitable targets rather than large-scale digital campaigns or wide mailshots.

TalkTalk worked with GoInspire to produce an audience-driven mailing campaign, with personalised QR codes receiving over 2000 unique scans, of which 5% converted into customers.

The challenge

TalkTalk was first to market in 2021 with its strategy of offering 100% Full Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) connection. Naturally, they wanted this enterprise to yield results; to raise awareness and gain customers without creating unnecessary waste or following unsuitable leads.

Achieving these goals while undertaking such a large campaign can be difficult, and often quantity rather than quality prevails. To support this FTTP connection, TalkTalk challenged Go Inspire to identify their perfect target audience and use a laser focused approach to acquire new customers through the direct mail channel, reducing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) in the process.

The solution

Go Inspire and TalkTalk decided on a laser focused campaign, spending time on research and compiling suitable targets, rather than throwing time and resources at a sweeping, inefficient campaign. Go Inspire worked with large sets of data, using publicly available information to create a database of every household in the UK, which was then whittled down by variables such as age and occupancy status; why waste time marketing to ever-moving students when you should be focusing on building valuable relationships with long-term occupants?

To maximise standout and engagement, every piece of TalkTalk’s mail was digitally personalised, with the envelope mailpack including the recipient’s street name in variable colour. To take things a step further, scannable QR codes were printed onto each envelope, allowing ease of research and conversion for customers, and also enabling TalkTalk to see and report on which households had scanned the code, entering them automatically into a follow up communication program.

The results

This campaign is ongoing, and the results so far have exceeded all expectations. Straight out of the starting blocks, over 4,000 new customers were acquired between March and July 2021, achieving the ultimate goal of converting recipients into sign ups. Resource savings included the cost of acquisition falling by a startling 73.4%.

The campaign demonstrates the merging of digital and traditional mail works; the personalised QR codes received over 2000 unique scans, of which 5% converted into customers. In short, TalkTalk and Go Inspire have proven that personalisation, clever use of data, and multimedia marketing make the perfect blend.

By whittling down target households and including a QR code for ease of customer use and campaign tracking, time and money weren't wasted on unlikely conversions.

This campaign has been truly laser focused, and accounts for a sustainable and profitable example of reaching the right people with the right content.



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