ITV supercharges retail media offer with Boots and Tesco partnership

As the new look ITVX streaming service goes live, the broadcaster announces a raft of new services for advertisers, including enhanced measurement tools and an improved ad platform.

ITV has announced new retail media partnerships with two of the country’s largest brands.

The partnership, with Tesco-owned agency dunnhumby and Boots Media Group, will allow advertisers who supply both retailers to improve their video on demand (VOD) targeting with category shopper audiences on the upcoming ITVX streaming platform, using loyalty card data from the long-running Tesco Clubcard and Boots Advantage Card programmes.

The cookieless solution, branded Matchmaker, was unveiled at ITV”s Palooza gala at the Royal Festival Hall on Tuesday. It will allow advertisers to measure precise sales uplift among those who watch an ad on ITVX.

Planet V 2.0

Among a raft of announcements at Palooza was the news that ITV is launching a new version of its ad platform. Planet V 2.0 is being beta-tested, with the aim to “put more control into buyers’ hands”, according to the broadcaster.

ITV AdLabs is also launching its free Share of Voice by ITV reporting tool to offer quicker measurement of the impact of campaigns – which it claims can cut analysis from hours to minutes.

Using data from BARB, Clearcast and Nielsen, the tool will provide faster actionable insights to show customers how their brand’s share of voice compares to competitors.

ITV's AdLabs has launched its new share of voice reporting tool, powered by Adalyser, allowing brands to measure their TV presence and compare themselves to others in their market. New concepts

ITV also revealed that it was exploring 14 new concepts with the launch of ITVX, which replaces the broadcaster’s current streaming service ITV Hub when it kicks off on 8 December. The concepts include FAST channel partnerships, in-content shoppable advertising, dynamic A/B testing and playback control.

Kelly Williams, ITV’s Managing Director, Commercial, said: “These new announcements mean clients can use our tools to buy better campaigns - by taking greater control, through better targeting, gaining richer knowledge of audiences and working with us on the very latest concepts we have in beta.

“The launch of our ITVX free streaming service presents a step-change in our commercial offering, meaning we can deliver significant incremental reach in high quality, brand safe content. What it also means is we can provide brands with new ways to deliver their messages to new audiences.”