Top 5 adtech tools this week: Mirakl, Planning-inc, Making Science, Adludio and Hoopla Digital

From next-gen CRM and retail media to CTV and language translation tools, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects our five picks from the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week:

  1. ELVIS and Planning-inc: next gen CRM

  2. Mirakl: retail media network

  3. Making Science: CTV planning and measurement platform

  4. Adludio: AI-powered ad targeting platform

  5. Hoopla Digital: language translation for advertisers

ELVIS partners Planning-inc for next gen CRM

Creative agency ELVIS has struck a strategic partnership with data specialist Planning-inc, to deliver “creatively-driven” customer relationship management (CRM) for new and existing clients.

How it works:

The partnership will harness Planning-inc’s proprietary customer data platform, Unilyze. The platform brings together on- and offline data from hundreds of data sources, eliminating the silos that prevent brands from creating meaningful customer experiences. Unilyze integrates with brands’ existing tech stacks and communications channels to drive relevant experiences at every customer touchpoint.

Founded in 2001, Planning-inc has a team of 80+ analysts, programmers, developers, digital engineers and marketers. Its clients include M&S, Argos and Playstation.

What the providers say:

Tanya Whitehouse, CEO, ELVIS, said: "We are two specialist businesses covering the very best in better world thinking, creativity and intelligent data science, as a supercharged team. Working together over the past few years on an informal basis has already shown how successful this partnership will be for us and our clients.”

James Melhuish, CEO, Planning-inc, added: “Marketers are under increasing pressure to deliver highly differentiated communications; messaging that cuts through the noise and builds long-term relationships with customers. They need to be able to quickly and easily deliver experiences that are rooted in data insight and elevated from the norm with brilliant creativity to surprise and delight. Through our collaboration with ELVIS and their unique, unexpected and unforgettable approach, that’s precisely what we can offer.”

The PMW View

With the customer journey becoming ever-more complex - and the time between browsing to buying becoming shorter, this collaboration is a sign of the times. Creative agencies and marketing data specialists are joining forces to offer a more insight-driven customer relationship management for clients.

Mirakl launches retail media network

The new Mirakl Ads tool  gives advertisers a network of inventory across online retailers.

How it works

A platform agnostic solution, Mirakl Ads will provide advertisers and marketplace sellers with access to many of the largest marketplaces in the world with a unique cross-commerce solution to maximise their return on investment. It streamlines campaign management with automated campaign capabilities that leverage sales data and sellers’ store catalogues to determine which sponsored ads will generate the best engagement, while also offering real-time performance metrics. The unified solution also eliminates the need for multiple logins, additional integrations, and disparate budgets.  Mirakl Ads is compatible with marketplace, drop ship and first-party eCommerce, working across a full digital product assortment.  

What the provider says:  

“Existing solutions available today simply don’t offer the capabilities needed to deliver value in today’s eCommerce landscape,” said Jean-Gabriel de Mourgues, executive vice president Connect and Growth Solutions for Mirakl. “Mirakl Ads is changing that dynamic for the better. Advertisers, marketplace sellers and publishers will finally have a marketplace-ready solution that not only boosts publisher profitability and advertiser sales, but also optimises the buying experience for the customers themselves, leveraging the power of Mirakl’s technology, expertise, and ecosystem.”

The PMW View

Retail media is booming, and here Mirakl is trying to offer something new to the mix by letting users define campaign performance metrics, rather than just using dynamic bidding. The company has also built deep relationships with sellers over the past decade via its Mirakl Connect ecosystem, adding to its credibility in a fast-growing channel for performance marketers.

Making Science integrates CTV planning and measurement with GAUSS platform

Making Science, a technological and digital marketing consultancy specialising in e-commerce and digital transformation, has launched Gauss Connected TV in the UK, a platform that integrates planning and reporting, and provides insights on cost by channel, and incremental reach of CTV over linear.  The move follows a launch in the US and other European countries.  

How it works

Through the platform, marketers can manage TV planning with the distribution of investment between media and channels, allowing brands to have a holistic view of their investment to optimise results. Using multi-source integrations and one-time loading mechanisms, it captures both current and historic first-party customer data to fuel analysis. Working from a baseline set by data science experts, AI models are trained to make accurate predictions — such as media mix optimization, customer propensity to buy and lifetime value — that can be applied across all main marketing platforms in real time to increase bid-to-value ratios, while maximise campaign results and efficiency.  

The company said it has enabled leading German insurance players to achieve 20% conversion uplift and cut CPAs by 15%, with Spanish academic clients seeing greater cost reductions at 22%. 

What the provider says: 

Jorge Alonso, Products and Tech Solutions Director at Making Science, said: “Today’s CMOs face the task of managing budgets across multi-channel campaigns, alongside pressure to optimise sales and demonstrate which efforts move the needle. Innovations in AI are making it easier to not only effectively track, but also enhance performance by predicting which customers are likely to buy. Bringing Gauss to the UK audience means more companies can make the right decisions at the right time for success.” 

The PMW View

Advertising on streaming platforms in exchange for free or discounted subscriptions is here to stay – cemented by Netflix’s introduction of the new ‘Basic with ads’ membership tier. This new tool shows how sophisticated the connected TV ad ecosystem is becoming - as accountable and its counterparts in search and social.

Adludio enhances AI-powered ad targeting platform

Adtech firm Adludio has announced major enhancements to its technological abilities for its global clients, which include Ford, Land Rover Jaguar, Estée Lauder, Nike, Adidas and Microsoft. 

How it works

Using Adludio’s platform, clients can input a desired KPI for their mobile campaign, whether it be building brand awareness or driving sales, and they will be presented with a creative that has been deterministically designed to achieve that outcome. Leveraging historical behavioural data and Computer Vision (CV), Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning, the platform processes thousands of ad categories simultaneously. Analysing creative, media, audience, sites and inventory data, Adludio’s platform is unique in its ability to compare and optimise the relationship between these categories, designed to producing more optimised campaigns.

What the provider says: 

Paul Coggins, CEO at Adludio, said: “Creative is the most crucial element in this new attention-driven era of advertising, as that’s ultimately what is going to captivate consumers, or not. With these unique AI-led insights, Adludio has combined creative, media and data within one unified solution. We intend to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible to produce next generation mobile advertising for brands that want to stay ahead of the game.”  

The PMW View

The adtech landscape is increasingly complex, so many companies are now trying to cut through the confusion by offering ‘a bit of everything’ to advertisers. With these updates, Adludio is aiming to position itself as a one-stop shop for mobile advertising, delivering creative production and campaign insights up to media buying and targeting


Hoopla Digital launches language translation product to help brands deliver inclusive advertising 

Digital advertising platform Hoopla Digital has launched Hoopla Language, a digital advertising language translation product.

How it works

Hoopla Language helps switch digital advertising across copy and audio subtitles from English into other dialects. The new product helps brands to ensure they are accessible to all users within multicultural markets for greater inclusion. Focal languages for campaign creatives are outlined pre-campaign based on the national makeup of a specific target country.  For instance, in the UK there are 920k Indian, 760k Polish and 539k Romanian permanent residents who don’t have English as their first language. Hoopla Language takes these factors into consideration to improve conversion and sale rates for each digital campaign.

What the provider says: 

Ellis Johnson, Sales Director - APAC at Hoopla Digital, said: “The idea behind Hoopla Language is to make ad creative more inclusive within multicultural society. We’re seeing high demand in countries, like Australia and the UK, where a large proportion of the population are not native English speakers. In the UK, one in six people were born outside the country, so we expect demand to rise as our nations become increasingly diverse and consumers welcome alternate language creative options. 

The PMW View

Despite the ‘shrinking world’ empowered by digital crossing borders, language remains a significant barrier in marketing. There has been a rise in tools helping marketers navigate the pitfalls and nuances of language translation and Hoopla is hoping to have found a significant niche for brands looking to reach across different communities and across borders.