6 steps to get the most out of Google Performance Max

Spending just the right amount on each channel is a marketers dream. Tom Clarke, Client Development Director, Performics @ Zenith, offers a practical guide to Google’s new Performance Max tool to fine-tune your spend on YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail and Maps.

Tom Clarke Masterclass

Launched in 2021, Performance Max is a new campaign type that uses automation, such as automated bid strategy and real-time bidding to make Google Ads campaigns perform better and saves the advertiser some time.

In this six-part PMW Masterclass series, learn how to use Performance Max to best optimise your spend across Google channels. 

Your Tutor: Tom Clarke, Client Development Director, Performics @ Zenith 

View a short introduction from Tom below:

Watch the modules below:

1: Introduction: learning objectives and benefits
2: Mission: using PMax to drive business outcomes
3: Background: planning to use PMax
4: Execution: best practices
5: Considerations: answering FAQs
6: Key Takeaways