Pinterest search trends reveal style ‘cheat sheet’ for 2023 marketing plans

Pinterest users are planners, and “guesswork is not enough”. How can brands use the platform’s search data to prepare for the year ahead?

Most social platforms are a display of what their users have done, but visual discovery platform Pinterest is used to plan ahead. 

Pinterest tracks the searches from its 400 million monthly users to predict trends for the year ahead with 80% accuracy, providing a “cheat sheet for marketers” so that brands know what their audiences are up to.

The platform promotes diversity and inclusion within the trends as they believe that positivity starts with policy, which increases purchase intent. Consumers that feel positive towards a brand that encourages diversity are ultimately more likely to purchase, said the platform, as results from a Sparkler study found that shoppers in an inspirational environment or mindset are more likely to try and buy, meaning that inspired shoppers on Pinterest spend more.

“The cost-of-living crisis has led to shrinking purchasing power, and people are becoming more conscious with their shopping, being price sensitive when it comes choosing where to invest their money,” commented Visha Kudhail, Head of Business Marketing EMEA at Pinterest to PMW. 

“Alongside this, marketing budgets are tightening across the board, making it more critical than ever for brands to design and carry out campaigns that will make a difference and ultimately drive sales. Guesswork is simply not enough.”

Are you on trend?

The most notable trends predicted show the digital world mixing with cultural trends as searches for sci-fi fashion, cyber streetwear and dystopian fits were up. Scalp care could be the new skin care and rust coloured weddings will be all the rage.

In reaction to the environmental crisis and oncoming recession, searches for financial saving tips, train travel holidays and drought tolerant landscaping are set to be trending next year.

Hover over the trends to see the uplift on searches this year. 

“Access to insights into what people are looking for and planning to do next, gives brands the ability to create relevant and engaging campaigns while presenting exciting new shifts across industries,” continued Kudhail. “That’s why we call Pinterest Predicts – our annual future gazing trends report – a cheat sheet for marketers. It can provide them with the richness and robustness of data to tap into new consumer desires, before it's been and done, helping them increase their impact across brand messaging, activations and even creative”. 

Gen X and Boomers will prioritise “Skinification,” a focus on the scalp and crown of your hair, this year.

Scalp massage techniques +55% 
Clean scalp +55%
Scalp treatment for dry scalp +70% 
Natural hair mask for growth +80% 
Clean scalp build up +45%

Gen Z and Millennials will mix up their hair colour with natural hues with bright purples, blues and pinks.

Blue and black braids +215% 
Lavender and blonde hair +150% 
Pink and lavender hair +345% 
Brown to pink balayage +280% 
Multi tone hair colour +135%

Millennials and Gen Z will favour bob haircuts and short French manis over long locks and acrylic nails. Big beauty comes in small packages.

Micro french nails +235% 
Chopped bob haircut +550% 
Micro bangs +110%
Short stiletto nails +80% 
Short braid hairstyles +45%

Gen X and Boomers will host pet pool parties, complete with invitations, party favours and 
 party decor.

DIY dog areas in backyard +490% 
DIY dog pool +85%
Dog birthday party ideas 
decoration +65
Dog party favours +135% 
Mini pool ideas +830%

So long, something blue. Say yes to orange. Millennial and Gen Z couples will splash their weddings with orange hues, from the bridesmaid dresses to the floral arrangements.

Burnt orange wedding theme +695% 
Terracotta wedding bridesmaid dresses +230%
Orange wedding centrepieces +150% 
Copper saree +285%
Orange dress outfit wedding +285%

Boomers and Gen X will plan epic bashes for major milestones, from 100th birthday parties to 50th anniversaries.

100th birthday party ideas +50% 
Golden anniversary party +370% 
50th anniversary cookies 
decorated +135%
80th birthday party decorations +85% 
Silver jubilee cake 25th 
anniversary +245%

Rave culture will reign in the year ahead. Gen Z and Millennials are bouncing back from over two years in lockdown, bringing techno style, rave fashion and house music 
with them.

House music outfits +185% 
Berlin rave fashion +250% 
Rave party aesthetic +35% 
Techno style +60%
Music mixer +115%

2023 fashion will be filled with 
 lace, tulle, ruffles and shimmer. 
It’s ethereal details for all, no matter 
how you identify.

Shimmery dress +365% 
Lace top long sleeve +225% 
Tulle sleeves +65%
Ruffle shirt men +95% 
Sheer pants outfit +70%

Gen X and Millennials will trade in their typical tassels for free- swinging fringed outfits, dresses 
 and jackets.

Fringe dress outfit +255% 
Tassel jacket +60%
Beaded fringe dress +75% 
Fringe wedding dress +45% 
Black fringe skirt outfit +155%

Gen Z and Millennials will romanticise their closets with slip dresses, tube tops and cargo pants. It's a new kind of meet cute, inspired by your favourite 2000s romcom.

2000s girl +235%
Cool girl aesthetic outfits +140% 
Pink mini skirt outfit +145% 
Rhinestone dress +90%
Summer outfits vintage 90s +150%

Gen Z and Millennials will 
opt for futuristic fits, like cyber streetwear, galactic glasses and gamer-girl styles.

Dystopian outfits +215% 
Avant garde outfit +225% 
Cyber streetwear +70% 
Gamer girl look +3370% 
Futuristic glasses +70%

Gen X and Millennials will seek 
new ways to gamify their finances, searching for budget challenges and saving games. 

1000 savings challenge +185%
Bi weekly savings challenge +355% 
Budget challenge +135%
Envelope challenge savings +155% 
100 envelope challenge +145%

Gen X will demand mocktails, cocktails and low-ABV options for all.

Fancy non alcoholic drinks +220% 
Mocktail bar +75%
Cocktail garnish ideas 
creative +225%
Fancy ice cubes +75% 
Creative cocktails 
presentation +555%

The coolest superfoods will be from the sea. A long-standing staple in Asian cultures, ocean-based foods and minerals are a fave among Millennials and Gen X.

Benefits of chlorophyll water +35% 
Green algae +60%
Seaweed snacks recipes +245% 
Nori recipes +60%
Salmon bowl +245%

The apothecary aesthetic comes 
to the kitchen. Gen X and Millennials are tackling ambitious sweet treats like wildflower cupcakes and 
daisy desserts.

Daisy cupcakes +85%
Wildflower cupcakes +110%
Herbal apothecary aesthetic +1025% 
Purple floral cake +85%
Sage green cupcakes +210% 

Gen Z will embark on a different kind of dating experience, opting for experiential outings like bookstore dates, museum meet cutes and aquarium adventures.

Bookstore date +195%
Date picnic ideas +385% 
Creative date night ideas +120% 
Aquarium date +235%
Museum dates +70%

Boomers and Gen Z will turn to quilling, origami and paper art to satisfy their crafty cravings.

How to make paper rings +1725% 
Origami instructions +175% 
Paper mache furniture +60% 
Quilling art +60%
Paper animal +385%

Gen X and Boomers are searching for shower bombs and home spa bathrooms. 

Shower routine aesthetic +460% 
Amazing showers walk in +395% 
Shower bomb +90%
Home spa bathroom +190% 
Doorless shower ideas +110%

Boomers and Gen Z will find new ways to honour old stuff in their homes, combining vintage and inherited pieces with modern styles.

Eclectic interior design vintage +850%
Mixing modern and antique 
furniture +530%
Antique windows repurposed +50% 
Maximalist decor vintage +350% 
Antique room aesthetic +325%

Boomers and Gen X will adorn their entrances with elaborate decor and embellishments.

Foyer entryway decor ideas +190% 
Front door portico +40%
Front door transformation +85% 
Garden front of house entrance +35% 
Porch for camper +115%

Gen Z and Boomers will make room for weirdcore design, mushroom decor and fantasy art in their sacred spaces. 

Fantasy mushroom art +170% 
Vintage mushroom decor +35% 
Funky house decor +695% 
Weirdcore bedroom +540% 
Freaky wallpaper +65%

Boomers and Gen X will care more about water conservation. They’ll look for natural sustainable solutions, like harvesting rainwater and placing drought-tolerant landscapes.

Rain water harvesting 
 architecture +155% 
Drought tolerant landscape 
design +385%
Rain barrels ideas beautiful +100% 
Rain chain drainage +35%
Rock drainage landscaping +70%

Gender norms in parenting approaches are shifting. Gen Z and Millennials are proudly practising gender-neutral parenting as they raise the next generation.

Personal pronouns flashcards +80% 
My self activities for kids +35%
Self identity art +75%
Gender flags +285%
Unisex name +90%

Gen Z and Millennials will find a renewed love for train travel. Quicker boarding, extra legroom and a lower carbon footprint are all making trains more appealing.

Interrailing europe aesthetic +105% 
Train trip aesthetic +205%
Train travel aesthetic +40%
Train quotes travel +285%
Indian railway station 
photography +175%

Gen Z and Millennials are seeking alternatives to talk therapy – like expressive art, music therapy and art journaling – as new, creative ways to work on themselves.

Writing therapy +1840% 
Expressive art therapy 
activities +120%
Music therapy +30% 
Journal writing prompts  therapy +220%
Art journal therapy +3755%

Time to trade in screens for stretches and desks for tricep dips. These anti-tech workouts will help Gen X and Millennials prioritise their posture.

Primal movement +120% 
Mobility stretches +140% 
Neck hump exercises +210% 
Knee mobility exercises +135% 
Hip mobility exercises +100%