Cracking the social code: Bazaarvoice links revenue to organic Facebook posts

Bridging the ‘measurement gap’ between paid and organic social posts, the new tools will enable social media managers to optimise top performing posts to drive more revenue.

The Bazaarvoice Social Commerce platform now has the ability to provide tools to directly attribute revenue to Facebook organic content, rather than just paid social placements.

The new tools means that social media managers and e-commerce owners can directly attribute organic social content to revenue generation, measuring the performance of posts to see which content is generating the most revenue

The tool will also inform users on how to optimise existing organic content and leverage paid campaigns to drive further sales opportunities 

Many social media marketing and e-commerce managers have long been measuring core social media metrics such as follower growth and engagement rates, but there has been a gap in how to track revenue with organic content. 

“In our recent Shopper Preference Report, we found that 99% of consumers say they regularly shop online and 97% have purchased something through social media,” said Zarina Lam Stanford, Bazaarvoice CMO. “With this first-ever capability introduced to Facebook, Bazaarvoice is now making it possible for companies to attribute revenue to their organic posts, which saves social media marketing managers time in deciding what posts to prioritize and drives performance of the bottom line.”

Find out more information check out the demo video here.