Top 5 adtech tools this week: HypeAuditor, Voggt, Yext, Nest Commerce and CLICKON

Google deliveries, collectible communities, influencer media kits and optimised video production: here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects our five picks from the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention

This week:

  1. HypeAuditor: Helping influencers create media kits for brands

  1. Voggt: live-streaming shopping with a community twist

  1. Yext: brand support for Google delivery and pick up options 

  1. Nest Commerce: full-production paid social creative services with performance insights 

  1. CLICKON: end-to-end video production platform

HypeAuditor helps influencers create their own media kits for brands

Social analytics platform HypeAuditor has launched  a free service that generates custom media kits for influencers to distribute to brands and agencies – at zero cost to the creator. 

How it works

It enables influencers to craft media kits by selecting the specific information that they want to highlight including past successes, client testimonials, and account metrics – such as engagement rates, audience demographics, and average likes and comments per post. ‘HypeAuditor Media Kits’ also automatically incorporate informative graphs, data, and top-performing content that creators are free to edit or remove. Additionally, influencers can add their own descriptions explaining how brands and agencies stand to benefit from potential collaborations. The kits support several social media networks including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Media kits and can be transitioned to a mobile version and distributed with a shareable link.

What the provider says

“We are hoping to help influencers market themselves more effectively to potential brand partners and win collaborations with their most sought-after brands. We want creators to feel empowered to showcase their achievements in the best light. This product aims to do exactly that,” said Alexander Frolov, co-founder and CEO of HypeAuditor. “This is crucial as in the current economic landscape, marketers want to get the most out of their influencer marketing strategies and are looking for the most engaging and compatible content creators to help them achieve their goals effectively.” 

What the client says

Shima Katouzian, a multi-lingual influencer and entrepreneur with a global reach, said:"Updating a media kit and ensuring it is done professionally can come at a pretty high cost. Switching to HypeAuditor’s media kit service has been a huge advantage given that I am provided with a link that is convenient to share, the kit is simple to update, includes all my platforms’ statistics, and it’s easy to access," 

The PMW view

The PMW View

At a time when 40% of influencers report working with fewer brands this year in comparison to last year, because of the global economic slowdown (according to HypeAuditor stats), it is becoming increasingly important for them to get noticed by marketers. This new free tool fills a ‘credibility gap’ in influencer marketing, enabling influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to create professional media kits in a matter of minutes to match their agency counterparts.

Voggt takes streaming shopping services to the UK – with a community twist 

Voggt has launched the UK, offering an online shopping platform that uses live-streaming and live chat to enable people to collect, trade and be part of a community.

How it works 

Voggt is looking to become the dominant European player by not only using livestreaming to enable buyers to see products in real time and access the personalised customer support normally found in a physical store, but also by using live chat to enable users to interact with each other to create a strong community of hobbyists and small collectors. This will enable Voggt to differentiate itself from other online marketplaces and live shopping platforms by bringing the social experience of entering a Lego or vintage clothing shop to people’s living rooms.

What the provider says

Kevin Loiseau, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Voggt, said: “While e-commerce platforms have enabled easy access to a wide range of products and brands, we could see that the fun and social aspect of in-person shopping was being lost. By combining live-streaming and live chat with online commerce, Voggt is transforming the online retail experience and enabling our users to be part of a community that shares their passions for collectibles, sneakers and fashion.

“As well as bringing the social aspect of shopping online, Voggt has created a safe environment for buyers and sellers without compromising on fun. We look forward to helping hobbyists and small collectors be part of a community and turn their knowledge of everything from fashion to  trading cards into a flourishing business."

The PMW View

The clever move from Voggt is to zone in on those retail sectors that spark passionate communities – from playing cards and figurines, to sports memorabilia, fashion, and sneakers – and foster a buying and video-powered community site around them that fans can’t find anywhere else. The live shopping sector is booming and is seen by many as the future of e-commerce as live video sales are expected to reach $423bn this year in China alone, according to recent McKinsey data. The US market is early-stage but growing rapidly and is set to reach sales of $35bn by 2024. In Europe, however, the trend is just beginning.

Yext adds brand support for Google delivery and pick up options

Restaurant brands can now take advantage of Google Place Actions to further customise their business listings. 

How it works 

Google Place Actions are featured prominently on knowledge panels and allow users to place orders through third-party services or a restaurant’s website. Profiles without these options display text that reads “may offer delivery” and “may offer pickup.” Adding Place Action links gives consumers greater assurance when ordering from a restaurant, and may also improve a location’s rank in organic search results.

What the provider says

“We are committed to continually improving our publisher integrations,“ said Marc Ferrentino, President and Chief Operating Officer at Yext. “Consumers are increasingly likely to opt for delivery or takeout options when they browse through a list of restaurants online. With Yext, any restaurant brand can now leverage Google Place Actions on their listings to increase engagement, drive more business, and improve the overall digital customer experience.”

The PMW View

Yext has carved a niche into the adtech industry as a bridge between brand websites and the multitude of location and search functions across direct integration partners, which includes platforms like Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook, and many others. This latest move is another option for brands looking to take advantage of the latest delivery innovations at Google as the high street and e-commerce converge.

Nest Commerce mixes full-production paid social creative services with performance insights 

Nest Commerce has launched a full-production paid social creative service, Nest Studio, winning a roster of four D2C brands in the process.

How it works

The creative division will sit within Nest Commerce and with a team of 9 led by ex-lululemon Head of Creative Ben Ryder, offering creative optimisation to full-scale production, built on testing frameworks to learn and iterate on what drives performance. Creative services will now be layered on to the agency’s paid social offering of performance and brand, designed to amplify results for clients. 

What the client says 

The four clients who the agency have signed for ongoing paid social creative production are online stylist Outfittery, healthy snack brand Misfits, bladder care specialist Jude and sustainable sonic toothbrush pioneers SURI.  

Nest has been running optimised creative for clients for well over a year and the results have shown consistency driving real business results. This has resulted in 45% higher CVR, 72% higher ROAS and 90% lower CPA across Nest Studio assets.

What the supplier says

According to Nest Commerce CEO, Will Ashton:  “What started as a way to make adjustments to our clients’ own creative to improve performance has now evolved to become a full business division. Great creative combined with a structured approach to testing is now the best way to maximise performance and Nest is now able to effectively serve both these needs. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are delighted to have secured a series of recognised names to amplify their performance through enhanced creative.”

The PMW View

Demand for the service has soared since the introduction of iOS 14 and the decline of cookie-based targeting strategies. As a result, creative has become the biggest lever brands have to improve performance and brands need to create large volumes of creative at scale to optimise performance.


CLICKON launches end-to-end video production platform 

Creative production company CLICKON has launched a cloud-based platform iQ, helping  businesses to streamline video production management globally, while saving time and reducing costs during financially challenging times.

How it works

iQ includes in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that offers brand safety benefits, performance recommendations, automated tagging to save time, reduced wastage and global asset distribution. iQ handles asset management, approvals, publishing, real-time chat, as well as analytics and campaign tracking bringing global teams and creators together in one place. The remote production ecosystem delivers over 1,000+ vetted production partners in over 80 countries delivering content creation for brands and agencies. Initiated by recent brand research, CLICKON is developing a unique companion product to give global businesses complete visibility of their entire content ecosystem, which is due to be launched in early 2023. 

What the provider says

Richard Wilson, CEO at CLICKON, said: “Generally, the market is split into two camps – those still using archaic spreadsheets and those using tools so complicated you need an engineering degree to adopt. Our point of difference is speed, simplicity, sustainability and efficiency and we’re proving it with clients like Expedia and ANA Airlines time and time again,” he continued.

The PMW View

In financially tough times, technology is disrupting advertising and production for the better. Irrespective of marketing budget restrictions and the cost of living crisis, brands still need to drive sales and growth through content. What CLICKON is doing here is adding AI insights to that mix to help optimise video inventory decisions, speed up the process and reduce wastage.