Top marketing moments of 2022: Attention Seekers S2E6

In Attention Seekers' end of year Christmas special, PMW's editorial team gather round to discuss the top marketing moments of the year: from Musk's madness to Netflix's arrogance, and why 2022 looked more like 1982...

We did it! We have come to the end of 2022, completed the first year of Attention Seekers and survived what has arguably been the busiest year in performance marketing to date.

In this episode, PMW's Editor Robin Langford, Associate Editor Sarah Dennis and Reporter Lucy Shelley gather round with Christmas crackers to discuss the marketing moments that have caused the biggest bangs this year.

From all of the PMW team, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! See you in 2023 for a whole new year of attention seeking!

We are now in season 2 of Attention Seekers – the performance marketing podcast that uncovers the human stories behind the winning campaigns every other week.

Last season covered everything from VOD to voodoo dolls and this season aims to brighten and enlighten your commute with more big brand guests and candid conversations.

With your favourite show segments upgraded and some new sections added, this season is set to be bigger, better and catch your attention more than the first.