Top 10 subscription services that Brits will cancel next year

A new study looks at which subscription services – including Amazon Prime, Spotify, Apple TV and Disney+ – consumers are likely to cancel in 2023. Which came top?

Amazon Prime is the subscription service that its users are most likely to cancel next year, with Spotify and Sky TV taking the dubious honour of the remaining podium positions.

A study from VPN Overview, using Google search data to identify search term volumes for cancellation of a raft of services, including “how to cancel…” and “cancel…” . It found that “ cancel Amazon Prime” received the most searches over between November 2021 and November 2022, with an average of 232,540. 

Second most likely to be axed, according to the analysis, was Spotify, at a monthly average of 220,340, while Sky TV saw average volumes of 163,340 to take the third spot and Netflix slightly behind at 162,800. 

Disney+, which recently launched its ad supported platform in the US, with plans to roll this out globally next year, saw almost 50,000 searches for “cancel Disney+’ on average in the 12 months, significantly behind its competitors.

Both Amazon Prime and Spotify have hiked their prices over the last year, a potential reason why searches to cancel their services have seen such dramatic volumes compared to others. Amazon Prime’s monthly price jumped by £1 to £8.99 in September 2022, though this was the first price rise for the service in eight years. 

Spotify’s annual premium was also upped by £1 to £13.99 at the end of 2021, with the possibility of further price rises at the end of 2022.

VPN Overview commented that while these subscription services are often a part of our daily lives, “as the cost of living continues to rise and these services hike their prices, it’s no surprise to see people sacrificing their premium packages”.

Sky TV searches for ‘cancel’ surge in 2022

Alongside annual searches for ‘cancellation’, the study analysed which online subscriptions have the highest increase in these terms year-on-year.

Sky TV saw the biggest increase in searches around how to cancel, with the data revealing a 40.53% surge in 2022 compared to 2021. Apple TV saw a 37.25% increase and Netflix searches grew by 35.44%. 

Spotify again isn’t far behind, with searches for ‘cancel Spotify’ increasing by 31.82% this year.