Conversational marketing: the best asset for business visibility

Move over chatbots. Enter conversational marketing - a personable approach that creates a dialogue rather than the usual AI question and answer method.

Don White, CEO and Co-founder of Satisfi Labs, discusses the advantages implementing conversational AI for customer inquires and how it can innovate the consumer journey.

The future is here, and it’s digital. Consumers have embraced digital channels for several purposes, including retail and ticketing. It has become clear that consumers are starting to want more.

Over 71% of customers say they expect real-time communication from online services. Efficient customer service is vital for businesses to strengthen customer relationships, especially as 51% of consumers say a business needs to be available 24/7. With consumers showing such an increased interest in resources being accessible to them at a consistent rate, conversational marketing is the best method to match current behavioral trends. 

Conversational marketing allows companies to engage in real-time dialogue to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. The concept of conversational marketing has been around for years, but its popularity has accelerated thanks to new forms of omnichannel options that have garnered consumers’ attention. 

These new channels keep customers engaged and updated with the latest offerings from businesses. Besides using social media and email, new communication apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger present an opportunity to pique customers' interest in the organization they currently support. Text messaging has also been a reliable way to connect, especially as 85% of consumers want to be able to text a business. 

From conversations to sales conversions

By businesses implementing conversational marketing in their strategy, there will be bountiful engagement compared to traditional daily emails. In fact, businesses using this tactic experienced a 40% increase in conversion rates for brands with integrated live chat, and 38% of customers made a purchase based solely on a live chat conversation with a brand.

Implementing conversational AI in a business conversational marketing budget creates an impressive return on investment in retaining customer loyalty. Not only will it fulfill customer service inquiries at a rapid rate, but it will also allow a business’ message to be accessed through multiple funnels. This is a strategy that Satisfi Labs has begun using for our current clientele, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Speeding up sales for the Florida Gators

For example, the University of Florida was experiencing a high volume of calls and emails about scheduled games. To combat this influx effectively, Satisfi Labs created an AI virtual assistant to handle all ticketing and scheduling inquiries. One feature of the virtual assistant was a ticketing guide.

The guide allows fans to create a personalized ticket plan based on the number of games they want to attend and their preferences for location, value, and flexibility. If a fan only wants a ticket for a single game, they can quickly purchase those tickets in the chat. If fans are interested in mini plans or season tickets, they have the option to connect with a live sales representative who can view the chat history and seamlessly replace the bot. 

This use of conversational AI created tremendous results, and UF continues to market its AI chat through its website and emails, realizing the value that AI can have on two-way communication. Additionally, by using conversational marketing, UF can continue to share daily updates and offers with fans to keep the spirit of the Florida Gators relevant.

Conversational marketing will continue to be a favored strategy by businesses that want to share updates on the brand, answer customer inquiries efficiently, and finalize sales. At Satisfi Labs, we believe conversational marketing and AI are the best ways for our clients and outside businesses to flourish while expanding their initiatives.

By Don White

CEO and Co-founder

Satisfi Labs