Christmas e-cracker jokes are still terrible

The Botanist has relaunched its digital cracker with QR code and prizes that aren’t rubbish whilst tackling waste. But the jokes still don’t improve.

40 million Christmas crackers are discarded each year, which equates to 1,220 Mount Everests when lined up end to end. 

Bar and restaurant The Botanist has updated the 150-year-old tradition by launching its digital Christmas cracker for the second year running, with prizes that don’t end up in landfill.

Guests scan the e-cracker QR code using a mobile device, and then receive a digital Christmas cracker. The first person to pull after the countdown ends is crowned the winner. 

Both players receive a joke plus the chance to capture a selfie with The Botanist’s products which can be shared straight to social accounts or downloaded onto their device to remember the party antics.  

“We initially launched our digital Christmas cracker last year, following months of lockdowns and restrictions on dining out,” The Botanist’s Head of Digital, Steph Lloyd said. “Following the pandemic, we wanted to adapt and jump ahead of the digital curve to bring our guests a sustainable and hygienic contactless way to still enjoy all the fun of a cracker but with a guilt-free social conscience.”  

The e-cracker is also partnered with homelessness charity Shelter, to help raise awareness and money to support those in need.