Top 5 adtech tools this week: Yahoo, Hawk, Innovid, Teads and Footsprint

From carbon cutting to cookieless ID solutions and programmatic posters and cross-platform CTV metrics, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects five picks from the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week:

  1. Yahoo: enhancing cookieless ad solution with APAC partnerships

  2. Hawk and Hivestack: expanding programmatic DOOH

  3. Innovid and Kinetiq: boosting cross platform TV data 

  4. Teads and IAS: improving brand suitability capabilities 

  5. Footsprints and WattTime: decrease the carbon impact of digital campaigns 

Yahoo boosts cookieless ad solution with APAC partnerships

Yahoo has announced new interoperability partnerships in APAC for its cookieless identity solution, Yahoo ConnectID. The new partners include Alliant, AdPredictive, and Tealium, bringing Yahoo’s addressable reach to over 290 million globally, an increase of 40 million users since the start of the year.

How it works

The solution offers an opted-in, privacy-safe audience across its mobile, desktop and search platforms, accessible via Yahoo’s demand-side platform (DSP) for advertisers and via the Yahoo supply-side platform (SSP) for publishers. It now reaches over 290 million addressable users globally, up 40 million users since the start of the year. It also directly integrates with leading data management platforms (DMPs) and customer data platforms (CDPs) to ingest and activate against third-party data.   

What the provider says

Elizabeth Herbst Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo: “For marketers, Yahoo ConnectID represents accountability for their ad spend in place of previously untargeted or unmeasurable impressions. For consumers, it simply means more relevant advertising.”

What the clients say 

Patrick Ng, Head of Data from Networld: “We wanted an optimum solution and Yahoo had it – to deliver the best experience for our audiences, while maximising revenue and respecting our audiences' privacy and choices. Yahoo’s identity solutions are tailored to help publishers navigate the cookieless digital landscape more efficiently.”

Derhong Yang, VP from LiTV (Taiwan): “By integrating Yahoo ConnectID, we have seen around a 79% increase in fill rate on cookieless browsers. Yahoo’s identity solutions offer an impactful and comprehensive alternative for publishers and advertisers to manage and reach audiences online. What’s more, they do this with a privacy-safe approach that is taking us in the right direction." 

Richard Lee, Head of iCook: “Yahoo ConnectID has helped optimise our revenue stream with double digit growth in fill rates across our sites and apps. It has been a straightforward and seamless experience for us. As a trusted partner, Yahoo’s suite of identity solutions reinforces our readiness as we approach the cookieless world, helping to maximise our audience value in a privacy-safe manner.”

The PMW View

The changing identity landscape and diversity across markets means that advertisers and publishers in the APAC region have a great deal of complexity to contend with. From operating platforms, browsers and devices varying by market, this integrated approach from Yahoo aims to cut through this.

Hawk partners Hivestack to expand programmatic DOOH  

Media and insights platform Hawk has struck a strategic international partnership with Hivestack, an independent programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) adtech company.

How it works 

Media buyers and traders using the Hawk DSP can access Hivestack’s network of digital screens around the world; – available in environments including shopping centres, petrol stations, bars and sports clubs, car parks, railway stations and doctors' surgeries. The partnership complements Hawk’s DOOH offer, which, via strategic agreements with leading SSPs, includes the world's 200 largest DOOH networks (giving access to over one million screens). It also enhances the omnichannel capabilities of the buying platform, which enables brands to run integrated, multichannel campaigns based on their specific business objectives.

What the providers say 

Shanil Chande, UK Commercial Director at Hawk: "Programmatic DOOH continues to see strong growth, and our ambition is to provide both traders and media buyers with the most complete programmatic DOOH offering on the market. The strategic partnership with Hivestack lets us strengthen our international DOOH coverage, as well as offer our clients a diverse range of places in which to be seen, thereby broadening their targeting capabilities."  

Will Brownsdon, EMEA Managing Director at Hivestack: “We are very proud to be partnering with Hawk to allow its buyers to access premium DOOH inventory across a wide range of environments all over the world. Hawk has been a leader in driving programmatic DOOH activation in recent years, constantly evolving and innovating, and we look forward to supporting it in driving further growth in the space.”

The PMW View

DOOH is going through a rapid growth phase. This partnership shows how the channel is becoming increasingly sophisticated in its targeting capabilities, matching advertiser needs with one million screens around the world.

Innovid boosts cross platform TV data with Kinetiq integration

Innovid has  announced a partnership with Kinetiq, a company which captures all TV exposure with digital speed and performance – unifying paid, earned, and owned media in a single platform.

How it works 

Kinetiq is the latest dataset integration within Innovid’s measurement platform, InnovidXP, and provides a comprehensive view of audiences and advertising across linear and connected TV (CTV). The Kinetiq dataset identifies and quantifies audience impressions and media value for every ad occurrence across over 1,400 channels and 210 DMAs in the US and more than 85 other countries. This further complements InnovidXP’s simple, automated and tag-free process for capturing CTV ads airing across 95+ million households.

The Kinetiq integration will provide InnovidXP with access to local, national and global linear ad-occurrence data, delivering insights rapidly and enhancing workflow automation for cross-platform TV analysis by removing the reliance on spot logs. 

What the providers say

Jo Kinsella, President of InnovidXP: “Kinetiq’s real-time linear data powers actionable insights, and its local and national linear coverage expands InnovidXP’s footprint across the converged TV ecosystem in a way that makes it fast and simple for advertisers to achieve cross-platform TV analytics.” 

Kevin Kohn, CEO, Kinetiq: “Our ad detection and ad catalogue are used across a wide swath of the TV advertising landscape. Having Innovid as a partner widens our adoption in linear – national, local and global – and enables us to rapidly expand into CTV by driving harmonisation across platforms.”  

The PMW View

The CTV market is growing much faster than its traditional linear counterpart but the fragmented nature means that a single view of ads across platforms has been difficult. Kinetiq’s data, alongside Innovid’s CTV footprint, aims to address this issue by letting advertisers measure their success across platforms.

Teads enhances brand suitability capabilities through partnership with IAS

Video adtech company Teads has enhanced its brand suitability and contextual advertising offering through a partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global leader in digital media quality. 

How it works

The partnership will ensure advertisers avoid content deemed unsuitable for their brand. Advertisers can use Teads’ Ad Manager to access IAS’s curated list of contextual segments and optimise their programmatic display and video ad campaigns on a pre-bid basis. IAS’s cognitive semantic technology solution uses natural language processing to dynamically comprehend the nuances of context. Unlike many other brand suitability options, IAS claims its platform can determine the sentiment and emotion of content, which enables a more precise classification. 

What the provider says

Remi Cackel, Chief Product Officer at Teads: “We’ve seen a sharp increase recently of marketers who are more conscious than ever of the sustainability of their media strategies. This partnership with IAS gives advertisers far greater control over their content adjacencies, layering third-party solutions on top of Teads’ quality inventory. By providing clients with the optimum level of brand suitability and the ability to serve campaigns at scale to reach more consumers, we are continuing to build trust and provide safe solutions for brands. This integration with IAS will increase support for quality journalism, providing a better outcome for all.”

What the client says

Barbara Dang, EMEA Media & Global Fragrances Communication Director, Shiseido Company: “As a luxury brand, the quality of the media environments our ads are seen in is of critical importance to our digital advertising strategy. A key part of that is maintaining close control of the content our advertising is placed adjacent to, without compromising on the potential scale of reach. Being able to integrate IAS’s latest solution within the Teads platform enables us to achieve both of these goals, giving us ultimate peace of mind for brand suitability whilst still achieving outcomes for the business.”

The PMW View

According to Statista, 78.8% of European marketers say they are concerned or very concerned about brand safety when buying digital advertising. By only blocking the specific content that a brand considers unsuitable, the partnership will enable Teads and IAS to maximise the scale of ad campaigns, as well as support quality journalism by avoiding wasted ad opportunities.

Footsprint and WattTime team up to help decrease carbon impact of digital campaigns 

Digital performance agency Footsprint and environmental tech nonprofit WattTime have struck a partnership aimed at decreasing the carbon impact of digital media campaigns. 

How it works

Footsprint will leverage data from WattTime in a variety of ways to assist clients in making digital media campaigns less carbon-intensive. For example, they may reduce the carbon footprint of digital initiatives by shifting the time and location of ad campaigns according to the carbon intensity of electricity, forecasted or in real-time. These strategic interventions are made possible through WattTime's marginal emissions data, which gives a more accurate measure of the emissions impact related to electricity consumption. 

What the providers say

Elisa Boivin, founder and managing director of Footsprint: “Our mission is to equip businesses with the tools and expertise to steer their media investments towards sustainable performance. This means eliminating waste from our media plans, which will mechanically improve carbon efficiency and media performance. To do this, we need sustainability sciences to work at the speed of digital, through new environmental KPIs that enable advertisers to take action in real-time.” 

Gavin McCormick, founder and executive director of WattTime: “We continue to be thrilled to see the many innovative ways that our partners are leveraging our data to make a difference in reducing emissions on a global scale. Footsprint’s application is a great example of how ordinary business operations can be easily adjusted to slash carbon while often boosting the company’s bottom line.”

The PMW View

While digital transformation has brought many benefits in the fight against climate change and reducing CO₂ emissions, the production, use and data transfer of digital devices causes more CO₂ emissions than you might expect. This new initiative is part of a trend to watch in 2023 – the carbon cost of ads playing a bigger part in the ad decision making process.