Blake Lively and the Kardashians battle for most influential fashion moment of 2022

The Met Gala’s influence ripples throughout the year. What other top fashion moments feature in 2022’s search trends – and how do they influence buyer behaviour?

What looks do you remember from 2022? From Kim Kardashian’s Marilyon Monroe moment, to Bella Hadid’s state of the art spray on dress and Kate Middleton’s funeral earrings, big fashion moments cause a stir in social media and in search boxes. 

“Celebrity fashion moments have made for significant talking points throughout 2022, with social media allowing consumers to engage with the moments as they happen and show their love immediately,” said Louis Venter, CEO at search performance agency MediaVision. 

“For those of us who love data, tracking engagement and social media sentiment gives us a view into how these key moments influence fashion trends moving forward.

Mediavision’s search data revealed Blake Lively’s Met Gala dress as the most influential celebrity fashion moment of 2022 – with the event taking first and second spots in the top five celebrity fashion moments of the year. 

Kim Kardashian’s revival of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic Mr President dress, which she wore to the Met Gala, was ranked in second place.

“But the tech in and of itself doesn’t tell the whole story,” Venter continued. “Understanding the true nature of influence requires a human touch, and that’s where our people and their powers of analysis come in. Kim Kardashian’s dress might have had the most searches, but when compared to the various types of positive sentiment that built around Blake Lively’s Met Gala dress, it couldn't quite compete. For that reason Blake Lively takes the crown as ‘2022’s most influential fashion moment’.” 

Influence outside the Met Gala 

The only non-Met Gala placing in the top three was taken by Kourtney Kardashian, whose wedding to Travis Barker put her in third place, just behind her sister.   

Meanwhile Florence Pugh’s show-stopping hot pink tulle Valentino gown, worn to the designer’s Haute Couture show at Milan Fashion Week was ranked the fourth most influential moment. Since then, the actor has repeatedly favoured a sheer dress look to other red carpet events. 

Rounding out the top five is Lil Nas X’s statement-making outfit at the VMAs. Designed by British American designer Harris Reed, Lil Nas X wore a black version of a feather cage overskirt and matching headpiece worn in gold by Iman at the Met Gala – further confirmation of the event’s influence.   

The analysis of 2022’s most influential celebrity fashion moments was carried out by data analysts from MediaVision. By looking at more than 200 fashion moments in 2022 and measuring search volumes, engagements and social media sentiment, analysts calculated those celebrity fashion moments generating the greatest influence.