Scope3 brings carbon neutral inventory to Yahoo

Integration aims to bring carbon neutral inventory to advertisers via Yahoo’s automated ad exchange for publishers.

Yahoo and Scope3 offer carbon neutral private marketplace (PMP) media in the Yahoo SSP (supply-side platform). 

The digital media and advertising industry has a massive carbon footprint due to the complexity of digital ad supply chains and the sheer volume of ad transactions, and Scope3 was formed to help solve this sustainability problem. 

Advertisers buying through the Yahoo SSP can now find and buy ‘Green Media Products’ powered by Scope3 to ensure their digital ad campaigns align with their broader sustainability goals.

Yahoo’s Chief Revenue Officer, Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, said: “This adds another layer of choice and flexibility to our customers. Scope3 provides measurement of each publisher’s carbon emissions within the PMPs we now offer, creating a clear path for advertisers to invest in these ad impressions while also rewarding publishers that are transitioning to greener, lower carbon footprints with greater demand for their supply.” 

A green milestone

Scope3 measures the carbon emissions of the entire digital advertising supply chain, to help companies factor carbon into their business decisions. 

“There are few platforms that can provide the global reach and scale of Yahoo,” said Brenda Tuohig, Head of Global and Strategic Partnerships at Scope3. “By offering access to Scope3’s Green Media Products directly in platform, Yahoo is giving brands around the world a simple and standardised way to shift their buying behaviour in favour of more sustainable media while helping ensure responsible publishers continue to thrive.”