Shopify woos big retailers with open integration tools

The e-commerce platform is giving retailers access to its infrastructure to integrate with their own systems via the new ‘Commerce Component’ tool.

Shopify is giving retailers access to its component infrastructure with toy brand Mattel among the first in line to take advantage.

Commerce Components by Shopify (CCS) has launched, billed as a modern composable stack for enterprise retail offering flexibility at scale. Retailers can take the Shopify components they want from a list of more than 30 and integrate them with their own systems.

These include Shopify’s checkout function, which Shopify cites as the world’s best-converting, with 99.99% uptime and a processing rate of 40,000 checkouts per minute, per store.

Flexible APIs, now offered with no rate limits, will give dynamic customer experiences that integrate with a retailer’s preferred back office service, Shopify said, and developers will be able to build with any front-end framework they choose. The service will feature a new back-office management designed specifically for enterprise.

Retailers are invited to partner with “the largest commerce ecosystem” in the world, with a dedicated account team, solutions architects priority support and a network of agency partners including Deloitte, EY and KPMG.

Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify, said: “Commerce Components by Shopify opens our infrastructure so enterprise retailers don’t have to waste time, engineering power, and money building critical foundations Shopify has already perfected, and instead frees them up to customise, differentiate, and scale.”

Mattel to bring entire portfolio to Shopify

Mattel is among the first to use CCS and will bring its entire portfolio of brands to Shopify.

Sven Gerjets, CTO of Mattel commented: “We first worked with Shopify on a project called Mattel Creations, a platform for creators to reimagine the most iconic toys in the world. Creations empowered Mattel to move quickly, meet our customers where they are, and most importantly leverage Shopify’s infrastructure to scale globally. It was hugely successful, and we’re excited to transform our brand offerings using Commerce Components.”

“We know that retailers have a myriad of opportunities in the digital and data age, whether it’s the shifting digital advertising landscape or showing up for their customers in a differentiated way during a looming recession,” added Sam Roddick, Global Deloitte Digital Leader.

“In challenging times, we have seen best-in-class alliances between our clients and their platform partners unlock these opportunities. Shopify is an industry leader in commerce, and we believe Commerce Components will be the advantage in helping propel the world’s largest retailers into the next era of commerce.”