Third of shoppers don’t care where they buy from as “long as it works”

Loyalty takes a backseat in 2023 as brands are under pressure to deliver ‘right-first-time’ digital experiences to the customer.

Despite this consumer demand for simple, reliable, digital experiences, many sectors are still failing to hit these fundamentals, according to new research. 

New research from FullStory indicates that 38% of those in the UK, 40% of those in the US, 46% in Australia and 48% of those in Germany saying they “don’t care” where they buy from “as long as it works”.  

The study examined the state of digital experiences across multiple industries around the world, incorporating data from over 7,000 consumers across the UK, USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Looking at survey results across sectors showed a similar pattern:

  • Groceries — Only 40% of global consumers describe the experience they receive on grocery sites and apps as ‘simple’

  • Finance — Only 40% of global consumers describe the experience they receive on financial sites and apps as ‘simple’

  • Utilities — Only 38% of global consumers describe the experience they receive on utility sites and apps as ‘simple’

  • Travel — Only 36% of global consumers describe the experience they receive on travel sites and apps as ‘simple’ 

According to FullStory’s analysis, this represents a major shift in global consumer browsing patterns, with customer loyalty taking a back seat in exchange for simple, effective experiences that deliver.

This change in consumer demands is consistent with trends seen across the marketing and CX space, with recent research also showing that 42% of marketers believe that customer loyalty will drop in 2023 because of changing consumer expectations and cost of living concerns.

This shift was also reflected when consumers were asked about their experience expectations, with FullStory’s data showing that the #1 priority for Brits in 2023 was the ability to ‘quickly accomplish’ what they set out to do.

Slow loading times and errors 

The global study revealed that consumers are looking for simple, reliable digital experiences across all of their digital transactions — not just in retail.

The most common frustrations highlighted by these global consumers include slow loading times (72%) and loading errors (63%). Despite these issues, FullStory’s research also reveals that more than half of all consumers will not report issues when they occur. 

Commenting on the findings, Andrew Fairbank, FullStory’s Vice President of EMEA Sales, said: “It’s clear that above all else, today’s consumers are looking for simple, functional online experiences that allow them to easily complete the task at hand.

“With economic turmoil and recession ahead, global consumers are tightening their belts, meaning brands simply cannot afford to overlook the fundamentals that consumers are looking for: quality experiences, clear value, and the path of least resistance to purchase. With consumers quickly abandoning brands that don’t deliver seamless digital experiences — often without telling them why — data-led insights play a vital role in ensuring that brands can meet consumer expectations and retain their customers.”

FullStory’s research was conducted by 3Gem, an independent research agency. Research was conducted between December 2022 and January 2023.