Influencer marketing isn't personal: Attention Seekers S2E7

With over 1.4 million Twitter followers, Cynthia Johnson is a digital marketer by trade and Guinness World Record holder by dream. She explains why influencing isn't about the influencer, how she stole the Pope's Twitter handle and her guerrilla marketing approach.

"There's this idea that 'you are the influencer'; no, not really. The topic is the influencer. When you become the influencer that's reality television. You have to understand how you're adding value and the way you add value is by what you talk about."

Influencer, entrepreneur, digital and personal branding expert Cynthia Johnson is 2023's first Attention Seeker. The CEO of Bell + Ivy explains the difference between influencers and reality TV stars, how she began a business that treats eating disorders remotely, and why putting on an event with cross-sector collaboration was "the easiest thing [she's] ever done".

Listen to her attempt of the PMW 'Re-Sell Me A Pen' Challenge!

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We are now in season 2 of Attention Seekers – the performance marketing podcast that uncovers the human stories behind the winning campaigns every other Monday morning.

Last season covered everything from VOD to voodoo dolls and this season aims to brighten and enlighten your commute with more big brand guests and candid conversations.

With your favourite show segments upgraded and some new sections added (including a new feature for the 'resell me a pen' challenge) this season is set to be bigger, better and catch your attention more than the first.